An Introduction to Manga
What is Manga?
Put simply, manga are comics produced in Japan. Often confused with "anime" which are cartoons, manga covers a broad range of genres and can be either long serials or short one off stories. In recent years manga has become increasingly popular, with die-hard fans attending events and "cosplaying" (dressing up) as their favorite characters. Just what is it about manga that people love so much?
Why do People Love it?

Artistic Style

Manga is very distinctive and instantly recognizable. Each artist and genre also has their own unique style, making the pictures extremely varied and a pleasure to look at.
Artistic Style Artistic Style

Unique Culture

From omurice (a kind of omelette with rice inside it, shown in the picture below) to sports festivals packed with fun and whacky events, manga is crammed full of insights into the wonderful country that is Japan. This adds an extra layer of interest for non-Japanese readers, and many develop a love of Japanese culture and language.
Unique Culture Unique Culture


Manga has something for everyone. Whether you like comedies, action, romance, tragedies, erotica, you're sure to find a manga you'll enjoy.
Variety Variety
What Manga Means to our Users
"Manga is a star studded cross between art and story writing, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds."
"Manga is a Japanese partial-comic book that is full of amazing art. Long story short, it is addicting comic strips that give you the feels.... ;__;"
"[A manga is] an amazing comic book with genres for all ages!"
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Recommended Manga
For those of you that are new to manga, here's a list of recommended manga to get you started.
Comics aimed mainly at girls. Shojo manga covers a broad range of smaller genres, but most are romance or comedies.
Tsukiko had two childhood friends, the twin brothers Yuuto and Kaito. One day after entering high school she started dating Yuuto. However, not long after that Yuuto dies in a car accident. Soon Kaito offers to take the place of his lost brother, and Tsukiko agrees. This is the sad and painful love story of two people who have both lost a loved one.

A second love is full of tears Chapter1
A Second Love is Full of Tears
Young Adult
A wide variety of action, comedy, suspense, horror manga and more. Aimed primarily, as the title says, at young adults.
Kujaku is a young Ajari,a monk with the power to destroy all evil and a pure heart of mercy,who has inherited the name of the Peacock Lord.With the powers of his esoteric buddhism,he travels the land destroying evil monsters,demons,and ghosts! His adventure begins when a monster appears at a TV station,but upon a closer look,Kujaku finds a powerful grudge from a weak victim who was exploited by the TV station in order to increase ratings.As the story goes on,Kujaku awakens more and more to his godlike powers and does battle with creatures from legends all over the world.Get ready to be blown away by this epic action masterpiece!

Peacock Lord Vol.1
Peacock Lord
Romance stories based on Harlequin novels. For a little more mature audience than Shojo.
Those crimson eyes look like they want nothing more than to turn this whole world to ash.... But I would die happy if he killed me right now. Ashlyn has a strange power: she hears the voices of the past that linger in this world. Since she was a child, she's lived a noisy and lonesome life. But when she hears the rumors of angels living in an ancient castle in Budapest, she can't help but venture into their forest. There, she sees a muscular man covered in fresh blood, a man who advances on her with murder in his eyes. But instead of fear, she feels a complete and total silence descend upon her. And an indescribable sense of security...

THE DARKEST NIGHT 1 Lords of the Underworld I
THE DARKEST NIGHT Lords of the Underworld I
Erotic stories mostly featuring women as the main characters.
It should have be my first time, but for some reason, my body reacts to the pleasure like it knows it all too well! This isn't me! I fell down a stairway and accidentally slipped ten years ahead in time... where I found out that at some point I get married to a childhood friend who I do nothing but fight with! Then, he suddenly kisses me deeply, and I lose all control... and despite my virgin heart, my mature body accepts all of him... why is my body enjoying this so much?! What's going on?!

No Way! He's My Husband!? My Life, Ten Years Later (1)
No Way! He's My Husband!? My Life, Ten Years Later
Guy on guy erotic stories.
Can you sexually liberate an immature ghost?! A ghost possesses a human in order to scare him, but finds his body being played with instead... Wait, what?! The ghost tries to frighten Minato, but Minato, able to see him, is completely indifferent to his attempts. In fact, he finds it amusing! When Minato decides to tease him in return for a little fun, he finds that this ghost reacts in the most adorable ways... Feeling his sadistic side take over, Minato decides to train his new ghost companion... What will happen?!

Training the Ghost who Possessed my House (1)
Training the Ghost who Possessed my House
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