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Naughtiness Quiz

How naughty are you?
Take our quiz and find out which manga suits you best!

Have you ever...

Naughtiness Rating:
So? Where do you come on the naughty scale...?

You're not naughty at all! In fact, you're pretty much as pure as the driven snow. While others are off chasing carnal pleasures, you remain chaste and innocent. Why not try some sweet shojo manga? There may be a sneaky kiss or two, but the stories are as adorable as you!

You've not been particularly naughty yet, but you're not completely innocent either. You've just begun to bloom and have had a few spicy encounters. You might enjoy a little comedy with a few doses of squee - something to get your heart racing, but not your loins burning!

You're starting to have fun and seem to be coming to the dark side, but you haven't jumped in head-first. A few dalliances here and there, yes, but nothing too extreme. Stories filled with romance, a hint of angst and just a splash of sex seem like they might suit you!

You naughty little thing, you! You've got quite a few experiences under your belt - and probably quite a few above the belt, too! You're no stranger to sexual desire, though have yet to walk on the truly wild side. A nice balance of love and sex seems right up your alley!

You little minx! You've been rather naughty and have had more than a few sexual escapades. You've done the mundane, the familiar, and have moved on to more steamy stuff. It's only right that you try some steamy stories as well (but nothing too out there!).

You're definitely no stranger to saucy sex! You've been very naughty and have lead a risqué lifestyle, hopefully having a lot of fun in the process. You've yet to do the extreme, but it's likely only a matter of time. There can be nothing for you but more sex!

You are the naughtiest of the naughty and the master of all things sex. There likely isn't much that you haven't experienced, and if there is, it probably isn't worth doing. For someone such as yourself, may I suggest some more sex? Just in case you haven't had enough...

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