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First of all hats-off to the author for her ingenious work in this comic. Her work is really praiseworthy as the story is filled with so much romance. Love and suspense that no one will be able to stop reading. The story begins with how the couple first met. How they shared their first kiss in what circumstances they got married. How they fall in love and how they were drifted apart because of a misunderstanding and reunited back again to have their happily-ever-after in the end. All I can say is wow. it's the best comic I have read so far and I'm sure everyone is gonna love it.


I think Emily and Rafael are the best couple in all of Romance MangaI have read so far! Even though they had misunderstanding at first,they have loved each other in the end. I believe they can overcome anydifficulties in the future. :) I love those happy ending stories!


I really love Raf!! He looks cool and adult, but actually so cute:)The story is mostly serious and sad, but sometimes in a comical taste. I really like that taste:) The most my favorite scene is Emily and Rafplay(?) in the snow!! It's so funny. And the last part is also funny:)Raf is soooo cute, isn't he?

Pick Up 2

First of all, I love this author's artwork. It's very beautiful!And I'm excited about this story!! :DHeroine and hero's younger brother has a "certain reason"


It's so entertaining!! Actually, I'm wondering what is Lisa and Armandrelationship to the end.Xavier investigates his brother's girlfriend Lisa, but he is attracted to her....Lisa is also attracted to Xavier and she looks like purely loving him. What is the relationship between Lisa and Armand? Ummmm, I'm tricked.


This story is very breathtaking! Although I believed a happy ending,a huge misunderstanding between hero and heroine was about to break theirrelationships.In my opinion, this story tells us "Love" is beautiful and wonderful, but it sometimes hurts us. I'm sure you can't stop reading this Romance Mangaby the end like you can't stop loving someone. ;)

Pick Up 3

Wow!! I like this author's illustrations!! Of course, people are attractive and especially her landscape illustrations are beautiful!!I like Magda and her son from the first, but actully I didn't like Rafaello.He is really arrogant>:-( But gradually he changes and finally I like ummmm.... understand him.Anyways, I like the most is the couple working for Viscenti family as a steward and a maid!! They are so kind and understanding:)


This manga is lovely & a start of a new life with a woman and her child and she might even fall in love with a man that fall for her as well. This manga is just lovely


The title of this manga gives you a sense of mystery and romance at thesame time. And the time of love and mystery between a man & a womanalso many others


Expecting the Boss's Baby Million Dollar Men I

The male main character is my ideal man! XDHe is very beautiful, a perfect businessman and his character is serious!!On the surface, it is difficult to understand and feel his kindness because he has a deep emotional scars in his heart.I love that point, too. ;)

Avoiding Mr.Right

I really like this heroine because she is independent and kind woman.I can understand the reason why the hero felt in love with her. :)In the begining, he acted incognito and the heroine didn't know his real identity.It's interesting to read the process of falling love each other. ;)This story is very romantic and it made me happy!

Millionaire Husband Million Dollar Men II

This story was pretty good. At first I though I wasn't going to like it.but it was thebest I've read so far.

The Cinderella Solution

i really love this manga its cute story that they dont know that they love each otherfrom the beginning.

The Italian's Passionate Revenge
[author]JUNKO OKADA [original]LUCY GORDON

The title of this manga gives you a sense of mystery and romance at the same time. And the time of love and mystery between a man & a woman also many others

Vengeful Seduction

This manga is awesome because it as a sense of romance & betrayal.

Claiming His Pregnant Wife

This is a story that teach you how faith can bring you to you loving person and howmisunderstanding can make you be insicure of the person you choose. But love is so strong that misunderstanding can't be an enemy for this story :)

In the Arms of the Sheikh

This manga is awesome!I love the artwork and the story line for the manga is so cute!I love how there is so much action in it and the ending is so adorable! Overall. this is an amazing manga and I would totally recommend it if you're lookingfor a manga with and a happily-ever-after ending! (:

The Sheikh's Contract Bride Brothers of Bha'khar II

I like the heroine and hero of this story. The heroine is very active and she has not only strong will but also kindness. Meanwhile the hero seems to be cool, but he is a passionate guy actually.I'm sure the quick and witty dialogues between heroine and hero is one of awesomepoints of this story. :) That's very interesting!Also, I enjoyed exotic atmosphere from this story.I've never been to a desert, but I want to go there after read this Manga.

The Cinderella Solution

I think this story seems to be like puppy love. While I'm reading this Manga, I remembered my school days. Both heroine and hero are awkward about love, that's why I feelthey love each other purely.And one of my favorite scenes is the heroine changed to be a beautiful lady likea Cinderella. Although a witch who worked a magic on Cinderella didn't appear inthis story, but "love is magic". I really want to be like this heroine. :)I can promise that you will be happy after you read this Manga. ;)

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