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These artists worked hard to create these 13 sexy stories based around the zodiac animals and their monster partners. Let's hear a bit from the authors themselves about the stories they made!


I Wanna Triple-X with the Nian Monster

Twelve years ago, the young rat Mimi witnessed the brutality of the year-beast who attacked his village. But, rather than fear him, Mimi was entranced by the warm flames that danced around his body. Now an adult, duty-bound to protect humans as a member of the rat tribe, Mimi faces the beast that appears in the new year to attack humans... Only to find it's the same red-skinned beast from his childhood...! He's desperate to befriend the beast whom he's longed for all these years, but the beast only seems to see him as prey. Maybe that will change when he finds out that the rat warrior has both male and female organs (!?). Finally, Mimi's inner conflict is about to be resolved...by letting the year-beast "eat" him!

Author's Comment

Nice to meet you. This is Hibiki. This was my third time drawing a humanized animal Yaoi. Before, I've drawn cats and dogs, and even an octopus and human couple, but drawing a rat and a nian monster was a new challenge that made me both excited and nervous. It got me sweating, for sure!
The final product actually changed a lot from the original storyboard. As always, I have to give my gratitude to my editors for their ideas and support. Actually, in my original storyboard the rat was a complete masochist bottom in the second half. I honestly didn't expect that at all XDDD
On the other hand, the nian monster didn't change much from the original storyboard. But, personally... I wouldn't mind if he was a little bit more sadistic... hehe.

-- Hibiki


The Deep-Sea Nian Monster Loves Bull XXXX...

He's being fattened up for the next Year of the Ox... As a calf, Shiro was marked for slaughter by the year-beast, who returned every year to attack the human world. As the human villagers' only hope for survival, Shiro must be sacrificed after twelve years of hard training (to improve the texture of his meat) and culinary study (to learn the best way to prepare his own body). Now an adult and the pinnacle of prime beef, the time has come for Shiro to fulfill his destiny as a mouth-watering delicacy... But, how will the year-beast consume him? The answer will prove more mutually delicious than expected...

Author's Comment

When my editor came to me with the offer to write this manga, I instantly accepted. A cross-species beastman yaoi...? That checks all of my boxes! I couldn't help but say yes.
A bit more info about the work: Shiro is a white cow, an ancient breed with beautiful horns. He was bred to produce both delicious meat and delicious milk. He's basically the perfect specimen, right? Especially if you're like me and you love your milk and your meat! The black demon is a lucky guy!

-- YEN


I May Be a Mythical Beast Who Narrowly Escaped Death, but Isn't This Wrong?

Seisho the Blue Demon comes down to the land of humans and declares he will take all females and kill all males, inciting panic within the city. But, have no fear. The Red Tiger is here! He's an aging, toothless guardian who is ready to retire, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve. He's ready to kick Seisho's butt back to where he came from. But, what if Seisho actually likes it!?

Author's Comment

Before I knew it, I drew two mangas for this series. And they both happened to be about about animals I personally love a lot... lucky me! I learned a lot from writing this series, and I hope you all enjoy the story.
I've always wanted to draw a seductive and slightly older bottom who could take the lead, so I definitely had a lot of fun coming up with the setting for this one. Red Tiger is an Amur tiger, so if you take care of him well, he might get fat and become a big orange kitty. But, when Seisho comes, I'm sure he'll slim down fast (LOL).

-- YEN


This Is What Happened When I Guarded a Stump Waiting for Rabbits

Handsome with white, silky hair, Utoki is the Rabbit, Guardian of the Zodiac. En route to fulfill his mission,he is knocked down by a beast. The cocky beast who lives in the mountain tries to eat him for dinner,only for the roles to be quickly reversed! What begins as a tussle between the two quickly takes a turn...!!

Author's Comment

Hello, this is DUO63! I was so glad I was able to work on a title in this series and design a zodiac and nian monster comic. The project was such a unique idea, and it was so refreshing to draw.
I was in charge of coming up with the rabbit comic. Rabbits are certainly known for their proclivities for love, and as the artist I took full advantage of that fact XDDD
But, that doesn't mean that Utoki doesn't work as hard as anyone else! I hope you enjoy the story, and I look forward to the next time we meet on the page

-- DUO63


The Nian Monster's Heat-Induced Dream About a Dragon God

Ryuu is a dragon god with long,flowing black hair who exudes a cool,imposing aura. He descends upon the earth every year of the dragon to check on the human world. In the meantime,he visits a hair salon where a nian monster works and asks him to cut his hair. However,the staff claim that Nian is off sick. Thus,Ryuu takes it upon himself to visit Nian's home,and finds him covered in heat tattoos,struggling to cope. What sort of treatment might he offer...?

Author's Comment

Hello, everyone. This is Makimi! Thanks to this nian monster project, I was finally able to draw the long-haired older top of my dreams. Since Ryuu was drawn as a character with flowing hair others can't touch, the idea to make the nian monster a hair stylist fit perfectly. Despite the nian monster's handsome and mischievous appearance, he has a really pure personality, and it makes you want to bully him more... that's when I knew in my heart he'd make the perfect love for this sharp-tongued dragon!
I'm so grateful to all the readers who read through this story, and I can't wait to devote myself to creating more great comics in the future. Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon :D

-- Makimi


A Promise -The Snake Spirit and the Nian Monster-

During an intimate moment, a snake spirit called Soukou asks Shou, a nian monster, to become his life partner. Shou decides he needs to think about it and asks for some time. Meanwhile, a tragedy befalls the nian clan after a long, exhausting history of conflict with humans. As a result, the village decides they need to relocate. Shou visits Soukou to tell him the news, but he can't quite gather the courage to tell him the most vital part. Will the two of them be separated? This is a romantic story about an aloof snake spirit and a bashful nian!During an intimate moment, a snake spirit called Soukou asks Shou, a nian monster, to become his life partner. However, after a tragedy befalls the nian clan, the village decides they need to relocate. Will the two of them be separated?

Author's Comment

Hello, everyone! This is 44. Although this story was published first, it was actually the second one in this series I drew (before I knew it, I'd drawn two stories, whoa). When coming up with Shou's story, I started to wonder if Soukou would be ostracized from the other zodiac tribes because of his lack of legs (maybe I worked so hard my brain broke LOL). Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the story.

-- 44


Reunion -The Nian Monster and the Centaur-

The story follows two childhood friends: Sekisei, a centaur, and Sai, a nian monster. The two were separated when the nian clan had to migrate as a result of years of persecution and oppression at the hands of humans in the village. With the new year approaching, Sekisei is on his way home from selling his wares when he decides to visit Sai's old hideaway. As the kind-hearted centaur and devoted nian meet once again, a flame of desire lights itself, passion rekindling their old relationship.A centaur, Sekisei, and a nian monster, Sai, meet again after a tragic separation. Passion seizes them both, and it's as if Sai had never left.

Author's Comment

Hello, everyone! This is 44 again. Writing this story made me feel like a brand new driver trying to remember all the rules of the road. It was so hard to figure out where all the legs were supposed to go. Drawing this many legs and feet really pushed me out of my comfort zone! By the way, Shou is older than Sai. When Sai was created, kids might already have been calling Shou an old man. I love drawing stories in the same world, and I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labors!
Sai: I want to see what the bottoms of Sei's feet look like :O
Sekisei: oO (Is this harassment?) D:

-- 44


Rammed by a Ram

In a society where carnivores feed on weak herbivores, Nen, the leader of the revolution, takes in a small black lamb. Despite being a fierce carnivore, the lamb shows no fear towards Nen, and becomes his right-hand man on their mission to equality. One day, a mysterious parcel arrives, and the lamb offers to help Nen relieve his stress. Has he finally grown enough to make a bottom out of his beefy leader!?

Author's Comment

This story is a cautionary tale about picking up unknown packages off the street (I guess?). When I was first designing the characters, I thought a black and white pair would be easy to distinguish, but it turns out that when a sheep takes off its clothes, it just looks like a silhouette, LOL.
I always like settings where the bigger guy is the bottom. My editor saw the cover and was worried that readers might get confused on who was which, so we decided to make it clear in the title. Originally, I planned to make the pair a divine priest and the god who bows down to him (yes, I wrote that right). However, in my mental storyboard, I could only come up with battle scenes rather than bedroom scenes. With only a limited amount of pages, I eventually had to focus on a very different type of battling, you know!?



The Blessed Life of a Retired Nian Monster

Shinkyu and Hounen make up the police force of Yarai City. It is rumored that Shinkyu used to be a hunter from the Guardians of the Zodiac, and Hounen the very beast that Shinkyu hunted. The two lived peacefully, managing the town's quarrels and gaining popularity through their personable disposition. When a mysterious traveler blows into town near the end of the year, the two are shouldered with a murder case. But, Hounen is instantly dragged back into his past when he detects a scent at the crime scene. What brought these former enemies, Shinkyu and Hounen, together? Who was the mysterious traveler who blew into town? Shinkyu and Hounen's partnership is needed now, more than ever, when both their relationship and their beloved town are on the line.

Author's Comment

I was so excited to be asked to participate in the Renta! Nian monster/New Years' feast (?) project!! At first I almost wrote about the wrong animal and was about to waste a perfectly good storyboard XDD
When I finished the first draft, I realized that I'd had a bit too much fun with the character designs and gave myself so much work... their uniforms were so hard to draw... they were so detailed I feel like I missed so many small things (*shakes fist at self*).
Next time I get a chance, I'll share the full body uniform designs to my Plurk and Facebook fan club pages! I might as well show them off, right!? Happy New Year, everyone :D



A Craving for Chicken

The nian monster Saiu and the divine beast Shinyu meet once every twelve years, during the year of the Rooster, to battle. And the best way to fight Saiu, who descends upon the human world to look for food, is to keep his stomach full! Shinyu gets up early in the morning to prepare a feast for his archenemy, but the nian monster shows up late, and isn't even sorry about it! Fed up, Shinyu gives Saiu an earful about his tardiness, but he goes too far... The usually docile nian monster loses his patience, and decides chicken's on the menu today...

Author's Comment

This was my first original manga. I'd always wanted to try creating one, but I'd never dipped my toe into the water until now, and this project was the perfect opportunity! For the setting, I decided to go with a sloppy older character and an uptight younger character. I love couples that have that personality gap between them, and I hope you enjoy the story, too!
Shinyu: I can never look at eggs again...
Saiu: Once you get used to it, you'll be fine!
Shinyu: Like I could ever get used to it!

-- BYA


The Naughty Nian Monster Gets Punished Doggy-Style!

At the beginning of the Year of the Dog, divine guardian Kotenken visits the place where the nian monster was sealed away. Today is the day he's been waiting for. It's time for the beast to come out and play! He's brought the beast's favorite strawberry candy, looking forward to seeing his cute, sulky face. He'll taste that candy, all right, but... Kotenken gets to choose which hole! The naughty, gluttonous nian monster gets sweet, sweet punishment from a god in dog form!

Author's Comment

I love fluffy things so much! I just want to throw myself into the fluff of a big dog, like a sled dog or a sheepdog before they get shaved. I went to my friend's house and got up right up in their longhair cat's business, but it just made me want more fluffiness in my life. A fluffball at someone else's house is so amazing O_O
The story was sexy as hell, too, wasn't it? I wish I had ten nian monsters like this around! After I finished this story, it felt like I entered the perfect post-nut clarity. I hope someday I can tell the story of Shinkun Jirou, Kotenken's master.

-- ArashiAlien


Playing Host To The Nian Monster

Ever since he met the nian monster as a piglet, Natu has been captivated by his beauty. Every 12 years, the year-beast visits the village of the pig tribe as the emissary of peace. The strongest warrior in the tribe is appointed the "Jianu," who must offer the beast his hospitality. After working all his life for this opportunity, Natu has been chosen at last! He's so excited to be reunited with the nian monster after 12 years, he can't wait to drink and talk the night away... But, his innocent expectations leave the nian monster unsatisfied... It seems Natu still has much to learn in the ways of worldly delights, and the nian monster is all too happy to teach him!

Author's Comment

I was so happy to be able to participate in this zodiac/nian monster project! In my heart, I knew the nian monsters visited the zodiac tribes and waged a terrible war (?). But, in my mind, I wondered... how good would it be if the nian monsters and the zodiac tribes did something more... fun instead?
As the last of the 12 zodiacs, the pig's job is to make sure the nian monster goes home satisfied after all their hard work!
I hope you all enjoy the story! Our piglet hero is still new at his job and doesn't fully understand his mission, so I hope you look over him.

-- Kuro Hyou


The Cat Doctor's Herbal Medicine Comes At A Price

Every year, the nian monster tribe battles the Chinese Zodiac tribes and loses. After another miserable defeat, the captain of the nian monsters ends up badly injured and separated from his squadron. To heal his wounds, he returns to the herbal garden he found last year, where for the first time, he meets the herbal doctor cat living there... Though the cat is not a part of the Zodiac, he's cruel and deranged. In an "experiment," he rubs his brand-new medicine onto the captain, eager to see its effects!

Author's Comment

A heavily wounded nian monster is retreating after losing a battle, but surrounded by sweet-smelling herbs, he falls into a scheming cat's trap.
Cat: Why are you here?
Nian monster : I got lost and just needed some medicine.
Cat: And why would you trust me?
Nian monster: You're not one of the zodiac tribes.
Cat: You thought that was enough to save you?

Can you really trust someone just because they're not involved? Will I really be able to relax after I finish this draft?
Well... that's what I thought at the time. I hope this story of a nian monster who's given up on treatment and a cat who's a bit too interested in his prey brings some enjoyment to your life. Happy New Year, everyone! Here's hoping it's a happy and healthy one! And make sure you get lots of sleep. It's really important!! Q_Q

-- Tofu de Noir

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