Yaoi Couples Collection:
Bickering Lovebirds

Some people prefer couples who throw sharp words back and forth, and some readers even enjoy couples who throw fists!
Whatever your fighting style or preference,
we've got just the manga for you in this special Bickering Lovebirds collection brought to you by Renta!
Have a look through our list, pick a fight, and enjoy seeing your favorite couple kiss and make up!

Staff's Recommended
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Trapped in an Elevator!
Kirita vs. Kanzaki, the two top salesmen in rival departments in the same company who can never seem to let the other get the last word in. Everyone knows these two can't be in the same room without starting a fight with one another. But when the two of them get trapped in an elevator together late at night after hours, (and then locked out on the roof, and then locked into a car, and then the storage room, and then...) things heat up quite a lot for such small spaces! With no one else around, no one's going to stop them from taking their passionate and heated arguments to the next level. Two guys trapped in small spaces alone together? What could possibly happen... Any fujoshi could tell you that!
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The Guy Next Door's Just My Type
Takahashi, a busy white-collar worker who just wants a good night's rest, vs. his noisy neighbor Akemi, who can't seem to go a single day without bringing home a different girl. Takahashi warns him to stop, but does he listen? Of course not! Are we excited to see what happens when Takahashi snaps and makes a move to settle things once and for all? Yes we are! The normally overconfident and arrogant Akemi becomes a little bit more sensitive and obedient Takahashi touches his body. Takahashi grows addicted to Akemi's feeble attempts to fight back, and so will you! These two boys are just too cute together! No wonder this was ranked number one on Renta's 2017 Yaoi Bestseller Charts!
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A Warped Triangle, Undone and Entangled
Kamota, who just wants to lose his virginity and become a real man, vs. the handsome Hajime and closeted Kura in a three-way battle that will leave your heart racing. Kamota just can't seem to win against his roommate or his closest childhood friend either, but it's adorable to watch him try. Anything can happen behind the locked doors of a college dormitory, so thank goodness for manga for enlightening us with stories like this that show all!
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Nipple Bingo
Kishiwada, the most infamous bad boy in the entire school, vs. Andoh, the childhood friend who knows Kishiwada's most embarrassing childhood secret... that he has unusually sensitive nipples! Not only does he know, it's Andoh's fault! So when he transfers into Kishiwada's school, sparks fly immediately! Keeping their intimate jabs and punches a secret keeps Kishiwada on his toes. Meanwhile, Andoh really seems to enjoy watching Kishiwada desperately try to keep his nipples under wraps. For such a sensitive pair, they can both be so manly... especially in a fight!
Level 2
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Sex at the Ends of the Earth
Izumi, on the run from loan sharks after getting tricked into being a friend's guarantor owing millions of dollars, vs. Masao, the man hired to hunt him down and bring him back to pay the debt. When he catches up to the penniless Izumi, Masao ends up tagging along (and sometimes right behind) with Izumi to his parents' house on a long road trip across the country. It's supposed to be Izumi's big escape, so why does it feel more like a honeymoon!? Even though they do nothing but argue, their bodies get along so well it'll leave you breathless, too. Intense!!
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Red: My Superhero
Chitose Aoyagi, who's just arrived back in Japan after living in France, vs. Tasuke Akayuge, his childhood nemesis and now high school classmate responsible for the biggest trauma in Chitose's life! It's so adorable the way Chitose overreacts to every little thing Tasuke says and does. He's definitely in denial though, because it's obvious that he really likes the guy! Will Chitose be able to keep denying his feelings when he gets stuck in a surprisingly intimate place (a locker) with Tasuke, who he supposedly hates? What could possibly happen!? You'll want to read this cute one-volume to find out!!
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I Just Wanna Be a Good Boy
The voice of virtue and honesty vs. the voice of temptation and sin make up the bickering lovebirds in this cute story. As the lovestruck teen Kenta Kodama goes about his daily life, these two rivals have been fighting for dominance inside his head. But who could possibly win when the both of them are just so cute! So cute!!! While one is trying to do his best to be virtuous, the other lays back and fans the flames to all sorts of desires... The perfect recipe for our Bickering Lovebirds to get things cooking. The personification of conscience vs. desire makes for an entertaining and funny story that will open your mind to all sorts of new possibilities...!
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Umegatani Boys' High School
Haruka Ichijou, the prince of the school with wildly good looks, vs. Mario Sena, an unexpected rival from the only class not under his domain. There's just something about Mario that Haruka can't resist! To settle things once and for all, Haruka invites Mario up to the roof to go for a round, but Mario never unexpected Haruka to make sudden advances into his most intimate territory! Mario doesn't take Haruka's attacks laying down, though, so get ready for a thrilling one-on-one battle. Nothing spells romance like an all-boys school, and this is no exception. These boys will definitely make you fall in love with them, too!
Level 3
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I'll Never Moan for You!!
Renya Okikawa, the popular but arrogant voice actor, vs. the stern-faced industry veteran Shoyu Azuma! When the pampered Renya comes face to face with Shoyu in the recording studio, a little burst of dominant and aggressive instruction puts Renya in his place again and again! Renya gets some private lessons on how to really get his voice going hard in front of a microphone, but no matter how many times he loses a fight, he pops right back up for more. You'll get addicted to watching the buff and manly Shoyu show the feisty Renya how pleasurable voice acting can really be. Careful! This one might leave you speechless!
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The man known as the "Messiah", having brought countless men and women pleasure with his prodigious tongue skills, vs. the guy who was hired to trick him into being a bottom for the first (and hopefully not last) time in his whole life! Just when the Messiah thought he'd never have to see that thief again, who would show up but the very same guy who stole his cherry! This is one volume packed with multiple bickering lovebird stories, including a professor and his assistant who just can't seem to get along (it didn't help that tentacles were involved), and another couple who shave it quite close in the bedroom during some dangerously funny (and sharp) roleplay. These couples will leave a smile on your face again and again!
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Standby Kiss
Aoi Yamato, the spoiled rich kid and heir to a very wealthy enterprise vs. Ryo Uruha, the rough, arrogant bodyguard assigned to keep him safe. That arrogant attitude of Ryo's drives Aoi up the wall on a daily basis. You'll fall in love with the way that neither of them can resist backing down once the other picks a fight! These bickering lovebirds will also offer you a story with as much intimacy and passion as there are arguments, and not just the main characters, but with the supporting cast as well! There's just so much to love about this one. We highly recommend it!!
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Bring It on, Buddy!
Hiroki Yahata, the Mad Dog of Hama, vs. Yuu Goutokuji, Hades of Yokosuka. Now years later, Hiroki looks after adorable kids as a daycare teacher at a nursery, and who would show up to entrust his child into Hiroki's care other than Hades himself! The way their eyes lock-on and sparks fly each time they meet will send chills down your spine. Too bad they can't have it out once and for all in front of the kids! The way they grimace and struggle to pretend to get along for the sake of the children will definitely leave a smile on your face.
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