Positive [Plus Bonus Page]

He's known as the Messiah, having brought countless men and women pleasure with his prodigious tongue skills. He's never been one to let another guy take him, until he crosses paths with a man claiming to have erectile dysfunction who tricks him into being the bottom! Ever since then, he can't seem to forget the ecstasy of that night, and to make things worse, the source of his troubles comes back for more...! In addition to the Messiah series, this collection includes the "Space Rhizomes" series about an old man with a beautiful, youthful appearance and his unruly (but a tad goofy) assistant who pour their blood, sweat and tears into developing adult toy technology, and the "Perverse Love" series. A "positive" world view exploding with light-hearted lust has been condensed into this long-awaited anthology!
The limited-edition bonus page is the cover slip that was only available from exclusive distributors. (Note: The bonus page is the same for both "Negative" and "Positive")

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Positive [Plus Bonus Page]

He's known as the Messiah until he crosses paths with a man claiming to have erectile dysfunction. A "positive" world view condensed into an anthology for you![176pages]
Pages: 176
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author : Harada publisher : Takeshobo co.,ltd. series : Negative- 2 - Poji

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