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Nyanko Rating
This is a set of stories, interconnected by the secretary character. In the first (title) story, the secretary is more of an incidental character, but he's the male lead in the last two, which is one story in two chapters. Both stories are fairly standard, virgin girl meets experienced guy with some hang-ups. The relationship starts with physical connection but whaddaya know, they end up in love. The first story is less salacious than it sounds, but it's pretty much an exercise in dubious consent and crossed wires. The second story starts out with the female character making the (drunken) choice to get involved with the hot guy seated at the bar next to her. She's still pretty passive, but at least she started things for herself. The art is adequate, though the full body images look a bit awkward and clunky. The sex seems more perfunctory than steamy, despite the title. In all, it was meh for me.
Goicuon Rating
It was eh. There are two stories. One is about a girl getting sex training from her fianc辿e. The other about a secretary sleeping with a company employee. Both follow the same, overdone plot where essentially they have only a sexual relationship but the girl falls in love and we go through a whole thing of self loathe
georgia83609 Rating
The stories are simple but good, personally, I believe that the second story is better than the first one.
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