User Reviews For: Undergarments That Beg to Be Seen by a Lover


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Evapple2000 Rating
It's marked as complete @ chapeter 4??? No!! Please lets us know if Arisa will find happiness!
misshime104 Rating
What happened!? It just ended I feel like there's more to the manga. They can't just end it like that. Will Arisa fall in love with Motoki?
Hestiaaria Rating
It was a getting good, but it suddenly stopped. Maybe it got dropped? The story was gods but didn't get juicy enough in the first 4 chapters to warrant its completion.
Guest Rating
The title may seem sketchy but the story is really good. I started reading thinking that it would just be another manga with usual romance with sex story but it was over my expectation. I wish that it would have had more chapters as I am really curious in what will happen after the last chapter. Great manga!
tep1one Rating
is good and hot i like the story so far
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