User Reviews For: As of Today I'm a Hot Guy's Plaything -Blackmailed-


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whindel21 Rating
I actually really like the story. I even bought the manga to get a physical copy . I like how the seme started to slowly like the uke and not developing feeling immediately. And I really like tsundere characters
houndstooth Rating
I loved this one!
Ltrocks78 Rating
I really liked the story
cee2spook Rating
I'm really enjoying this one, I'm ready for the next chapter
Kenyetta88 Rating
I really like this one! I like how it was blackmail but he fee in love and don't realize it. But will there be anymore?? Will there be a six?
Lin010203 Rating
I think it's an interesting read; hot yet dark! ;) totally want more to read! :)
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