User Reviews For: The Newlywed Bride, Captive of Love


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Kaiya1331 Rating
At first I felt bad for Suzu. Izumi was so mean and cruel and really treated her like nothing more than an object. But as the series went on he was nicer and more sincere. Now (at chapter 10) their relationship is warm and caring and everything I hoped for! It's really a good read
HorseObsessed Rating
?This author is one of my favorites. The artwork is beautiful, the story is great.?A warning: most of sex scenes in this series are NC, except for the last chapter where it was full consent. If that is a turn off for you, then I would advise that you not buy this. If you're into this kind of thing, then check out this author.
lilnjhenn Rating
Pretty good. Seems everything could be fixed if they just talk to each other though.
Marielle Rating
It's okay
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