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For the first story, I don't like the artwork, it gets better with each story, though. The story's are very good (they get better with each new story, in my opinion). I LOVE the Cat People fantasy story!!!
OMG!!! I Love this story so much!! It's so funny! (in the right spots of course). I really like this story alot!!
O MY GOD!!! This story is great! It's a serious story, so if you're expecting smut there isn't very much, & it's drawn so that there isn't a need for that much censoring,(only maybe one or two scenes?) I think. There's a a WHOPPER of a reveal. You'll have to buy it to find out. :() There are some comedic scenes to break up the seriousness (& they're very funny). :)) Get this one! :()
This story is so cute!! & so funny! I upgraded immediately! The artwork is good (the cat is so cute!!) Get this one!
So often there are different ethnicities in the titles but they're drawn the same so you can't tell, or the different ethnicities are side characters. In this title, the Succubus is a different ethnicity & it's noticeable. I feel that the author is the spotlight on a different ethnicity as well, & that's good. As usual, the artwork is so cute, the story is very good. I Love this title, & yes, I'm officially a fan.
First off, the sex is consensual! :() I love that fact because so often in the stories it's not. Second, the artwork is great & cute, the story is great. :()
SOOO COOL!!! I LOVE THIS STORY!!! it's got so much information on Airlines, Planes, Pilots, Mechanics, & the inner workings of an Airport. It's very fascinating. This is another one you should get!
There is only one sex scene, it's not a long one, not very smutty. So if you're looking for smut there isn't any here. It's a great story, it starts with their first meeting & continues to "present day"? Anyway, the story is very well fleshed out. I like this story alot. :()
This story is SO FUNNY, SO CUTE!!! You need to get this one!!! I wanted to upgrade before I finished the first chapter, but I waited until I finished it. Get this one! :()
I LOVE THIS TITLE!!! IT'S SO FUNNY, CUTE, SWEET, & a bit dark (when they're kids, Seiji calls Takeru fat after saving him from bullies). That gives Takeru a complex that Seiji helps him get rid of. This one is another slow-burn, I really like those.
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