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The title story is good, but, I think the 1-shots are better than the title story, though. The artwork is very good. I like the smut in all the stories. The title story is unique for me, I think this is the first "men-in-womens lingerie" fetish piece I've read. Try it if that's your fetish or are curious about fetishes. : |
*GASP* HOLY CRAP THIS IS A GREAT STORY, and the artwork is beautiful, it's so intricate, (finger nails, and the knuckles are drawn AND ACTUAL BACKGROUNDS, YAY! Thank You! Keep up the great work, please! The story is, in my opinion, deep, but fun, & cute. You should check it out. I have all the other books from this author on this site. I Love them all. ;()
OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!! The artwork is beautiful, the story is a masterpiece!!! Get this one!!! ;()
I own 4 of Harada's titles & have read 2 of them. I really like the 2 I've read. I Love her artwork & stories. Judging from the 2 I've read. The 2 I've read aren't as dark as I expected, I'm still hesitating on reading the other 2. Check out her work. ^^
I picked up both Chapters of this series at the same time. The artwork is great, the story is unique. I like both of them. :()
I really like this one, the artwork is great. The story is unique, I've never read one on this site before, to my knowledge. I picked up both Chapters in this Sale. I'm looking forward to reading more of this story. :()
I've also rented this one before. Again, great artwork. This one is a cute story too. 4 Stars. :)
This story is so cute and funny! I Love the artwork! :()
I rented this one before & I thought I wrote a review on it, but I guess not. The Yuri Genre is not my cup of tea, that said, I really like Mira's work quite a bit. This one, for me, is a 48 hr. Rental, though. But check out her work, she's good. ;()
I Love this story. I Love the interaction between the Seme & the Uke. And the plot twist, had me so excited. I'd never read a story like this. I highly recommend this book. ;()
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