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I'm not a fan of Yuri, but I read it when it's free on sale, or about to be removed from site, just to see if the titles are any good. I have to say I like this one, I'm still not a fan in particular. I rented this one. I prefer Yaoi, but this story is really cute.?
?This author is one of my favorites. The artwork is beautiful, the story is great.?A warning: most of sex scenes in this series are NC, except for the last chapter where it was full consent. If that is a turn off for you, then I would advise that you not buy this. If you're into this kind of thing, then check out this author.
?1. The English translation of this one shot doesn't match the story. The 2nd guy who is bullying gets his ass kicked by the 2nd MLC & is chased away, so it's not a harem 2. The artwork is a mess: the panels are too small for the dialog bubbles & sound wording to fit.The story was cute. Not enough to keep it though. Rent this, don't keep it, & get it on a sale.?
?So Cute!?I Love this story so much!?
?I love this story!?It's so cute!?
I have to agree with a previous reviewer about Haru's reason for loving Taishi, it is very lacking, which is very disappointing. This is a very cute story. I Love the chemistry between Taishi & Haru. The artwork is great, as well. I would still get this one on the 48 hr. Rental though. The reason for the 3 star rating is because of Haru's reason for why he's in love with Taishi.
???YES, SO CUTE!!!???Another one I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!??? ?One question though, can Shogo & Daigo have children together??Do they have any children together?? Those things would be interesting to find out. Do Yoshito & Ume have another child, or more than one??The author could do another book for this.?
??SO CUTE!!!?? I already LOVE THIS AUTHOR!!!? I'm going to reread this story so many times! This is an excellent purchase! I'm going to look for more works from this author!?
I like this story. The artwork is great. ?
Quite a bit of smut for 32 pages! I like this one. I have 2 questions. Has she basically joined the staff? Is that her new job? If you like a lot of smut, menage, (in this case, 4 way, 3 guys + girl) this is a good one to read. This is the first 4 person, reverse harem menage I've ever read.?
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