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?I admit I read these books in the wrong order. I read them by number of pages (smallest to largest), I read the story out of order (& my apologies for that). Overall the story(s) (with all of the books) is very good. ?I guess I'll have to reread them in order from now on.? I do still like the story with Wataru & Ryu the best, though.?
?The first story (with Wataru & Ryu) is the best, sooo goood.? You need to get this one!?
I do like this title more than the one I just read. I have never read a Yaoi story with the two guys switching positions. I found it to be a good read, overall. I still rented, however.
It's ok, I like the first story set (+ bonus story better), which is why the four star rating. I only rented this one, I wouldn't buy it.
?OH MY GOD!!!?SO CUTE!!!? You really need to get this one!!!?
?I do like the obsessives/stalker type of stories because I like to see how the protagonist comes out the winner. I was actually rooting for Kaoru & Nana to end up together. I think, at the end, when he finally told her how he felt, it sounded to me like she may have started to fall for him. & that she may always love him, or she's wishing him luck & happiness in his life. But I'm kind of hoping for the first one. The English title for this story is misleading. It leads you to think that Kaoru's going to win her heart, then it disappoints you with Nanjo winning. The ending is disappointing.?
?The artwork is very good, I like the story, I think it's really cute.? I'll be rereading this.?
?Love the artwork.? The stories were really cute. This is the second book I have read from her, I love both of them.?
?The story was very intriguing, I would never have guessed the outcome! I Love this!?It's a Shojo/Yaoi, it gives you hints as to possible intimate relationship between the two MCs. I like how Andrew dodge's Seth's advances. It's refreshing to see the object of his affection not change (that doesn't happen much in the Manga I've read so far. You'll have to read this to find out what I mean.? The story was great, it really keeps you guessing, the author sends you in different directions. It's a really good who-done-it.?
I like the story alot but it's incomplete. I think it could go for four more chapters. The author should return to this story & finish it, I hope the author finishes it.?
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