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I like this story a lot! I Highly Recommend it. :()
I thought the story was a good start, I'm voicing what at least 2 other reviewers are saying here, Toru's a gay reformed man-slut, who's using Kanichis (Kan) sister (he married her, got her pregnant) all to make his Grandmother happy. He doesn't seem to love Kans sister at all. He also seems to be obsessed with Kan, stalking him, purposely getting into fights, & then asking for Kan (& only Kan), to take care of him. He's a reformed man-slut with an obsessive fixation on his Brother-in-law (Kan). He's basically stalking Kan. Toru needs to be Arrested, put in the Mental Ward under Max Security, in another Prefecture (preferably the northernmost), & Kan needs to get a Max Level Restraining Order against Toru. This story is also unfinished. This is a weird story, I don't think I've read 1 quite like this 1 on this site before. I honestly don't know if I recommend this one or not, you'll just have to decide for yourself, I guess. :|
I like the artwork quite a bit. The MLs are drawn rather cutely. The story has got some interesting things to it. :)
I Love the artwork & story Alot. Both Leads & Mr. Tan are drawn beautifully. I Highly Recommend this one. :()
I REALLY LIKE this story ALOT! The artwork is pretty good, there's only one sec scene, but, it's not explicit. So if you're looking for smut, you won't find it here. It's just a cute, funny, slow burn story. I recommend this one. :()
This one is so cute! & funny! I recommend this one. :()
This is a very good story, it's slow paced. There's not much smut. I like it quite a bit. ;()
I bought this one before & thought I'd written a review for it, but I guess not. The artwork is good, I really like the High School & College stories, but I don't like the Chubby Chaser one at all, it was cute, but, it just doesn't click with me. All the stories in here are very funny. I recommend this one. ;()
I love the stories. The background artwork was great, all of the artwork is very intricate. That said, the proportions of the characters were not drawn well. I think it improved as the book went on (a little). The author used the Shadow/Ghost People Template. *GROAN*,*SIGH* As I was reading this, I realized I'd rented this one before, I loved the stories then too. As it turns out, I guess the artwork is a bigger player for me than I thought. I still recommend this one. :()
I love the stories in here, they're so cute fun ('Renji Jumonji...' is very funny too, I forgot to add that into my review of that title). They both got me laughing. Check this one out, I upgraded this one almost immediately. ;()
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