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I like this story alot better, the artwork is better as well. I'm keeping this one.
This story is really cute. The artwork is alright, I guess.
I like the story alot, but it should've been fleshed out more. What is Shos & Toumas relationship, they're distant relatives, but how are they related, is it though Toumas' grandmother, which parent? What is Shos illness, how/when did he get it, how long has he had it. There seems to be an age gap between Mitsuru & Sho, while she & Touma are closer in age, if so, what are their ages Mitsuru & Touma seem to know each other, if so, from where & for how long? How long have Mitsuru & Sho been married? One of the previous reviewers was right, Shos & Mitsurus relationship seems to be that of adoration, not actual marital love. This story could've should've longer. The author should've made this into a Tankobon. However, I do like this story enough to keep it, it's a nice quick read.
This was funnier than expected. There's not any smut, (just one masterbation scene), & it was so hilarious! Get this one!
I don't like the first story, so when I read this title, I immediately skip to the second story. I LOVE the second story! I gave this one 5 Stars for the second story, alone.
This title is at a good $ for the # of pages (usually you have to 2× as much), this one's cheaper than when the others are on a deal. It's a good story, but I didn't like how her coworker, (from her day - job), treated her when he found out she was seeing the ML.
I have rented this story before, but, at that point I didn't do any reviews for any titles. This is an interesting story, one of my favorite types of stories is the Maid/Servant type. This one, however, is very rushed, very little backstory, no backstory for the ML (you don't even know his name, job, the ages of either of them; the country this story takes place in, only that it's in a foreign country. When/where did they get married, what did her/his parents say? There is none of that in the story. This story could've been at least 6 Chapters of about, maybe, 30 pages each? Give or take, it's a shame, I thought it was kind of cute. Maybe the Mangaka will revisit & expand the story at some point in the future.
I have to agree with the 3rd reviewer (if you can be that specific when writing a review on this site, if not they can edit it). Anyway back to business, I really like this story, but I think it would've been better with backstories on the two, I would add, there seems to be a hint that his editor may have had romantic feelings for him. I would've liked to have read about that, & if there would've been bit of a rivalry between the FL & the editor.
The stories were good, I guess. ?The first one, (Signals) is a bit sad, I think. They date, eventually break up, move on to other people & then, (periodically), cheat on their boyfriend/girlfriend, (with each other). Why don't they just stay together? I think he (Ryota), somewhere, still might be in love with her (Kureha), which is why I think they do it. It seems like he calls when he wants to do it, she doesn't seem to want to, she seems to have moved on, I think. It would've been a better story if the author would've kept them together. I'd've given this one 4 - 5 stars for the 1st one, had the story ended something like that. I hope the author revisits this story & has Ryota & Kureha end up together, (happily married with children). (Call me an old fashioned romantic).?
?I Love this story!!?I rented it before, but decided not to own for some reason. I bought it this time. The smut is pretty tame & there's not much of it. It's a cute, sweet light read.??
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