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Weeb4Life Rating
A delightfully charming, feelgood story with very likable characters! Bethany can't resist the temptation to try on a beautiful dress belonging to the owner of the house she's sitting on behalf of her friend, when Cristiano suddenly shows up. He assumes she's the rich owner and, instantly captivated by her, asks her to dinner. Poor Beth is lost and panicking, in no state to refuse Cristiano's demanding and relentless advances, and the dinner leads to a passionate two week holiday in Barbados. One of the better Hq male leads, Cristiano is very pushy and used to getting his own way, but he's also very earnest, devoted and gives his all to everything he does, including being a good partner and father. And he doesn't have a clich辿 sob story! Beth neither! Given how they met, Beth has some very understandable insecurities, but Cris actually gets that and does his best to help, support, understand and comfort her whenever he can, he can actually look at things from her perspective. Perfect!
Ven1284 Rating
I loved it. :-D
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