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It starts off pretty cliché with the usual misunderstandings, but once things finally reach boiling point and there's a huge fallout, the story finally picks up and really shines. Sarah is also at her best from then on, both as an interesting character and as a singer fittingly enough! Seriously, her reaction to the Big Reveal is epic. During the first part, Bastiaan spends that whole time thinking Sarah is a gold-digger while Sarah is torn between her dream of being an opera singer and her feelings for Bastiaan which get in the way of that. Their chemistry is very lacklustre imo, though there are some cute scenes with them simply enjoying being together even while acknowledging that they don't know anything about each other. After the Big Reveal though, there's a lot more emotion and they finally feel like a real couple and their love feels more genuine. I'm glad that at least the ending is great since it left me really happy and satisfied with their HEA.
Clara was definitely the one at fault here for abandoning her husband without telling him ANYTHING! Jacob clearly has some deep emotional trauma (due to a mistake he made as a teenager), it was what drew Clara to him after all, yet she didn't care enough to ask him about it! She never in all her time with him bothered to try to get to know him or discuss her problems with him, she never once tried to properly communicate with him, she just kept going off on her own, without a word, and coming back when she felt like it, only to outright abandon him when she wanted to keep her baby all to herself. If she felt he wasn't spending enough time with her then she should've told him, if she wanted children so badly then she should've told him and discussed what his problem was! But the thought of talking to her husband never even crossed her mind. What the heck does she think marriage is about?! Jacob also should've talked more but, again, deep emotional trauma that's isolated him for years.
Pretty cute with some very likable characters and plenty of cute and funny scenes, mostly at the beginning of the series with most of the angst kept for the last few parts. The h is adorably dense, for good reason though, and the H is sexy and possessive but still loving, respectful and supportive. My main problem is that this series feels like it drags on too much, with many plot points or running gags going on for far longer than they should have. The series would really have benefitted from being condensed a bit more and cutting short or outright cutting out many ultimately pointless scenes. For most of the chapters, I feel like there are only a handful of pages per chapter that actually advance the plot or add anything meaningful to the story, with the rest of the chapter being pointless, repetitive filler. In all, I feel like there's about half the series' worth of actual content worth reading, spread out over 7 chapters, but it's great content nevertheless.
Good grief where do I even begin? Danette has a secret relationship with Prince Marcello but after having it shoved in her face how much he doesn't want to make their relationship public, she naturally believes he's only interested in sex. His response? Tell her she's beautiful and seduce her back to his bed. She's too weak-willed to refuse and ends up upset at herself as much as she is at him. Rinse and repeat ad nauseum, with constant mentions of how he's still in love with his late wife. Add in the obvious cliché pregnancy for extra angst and to finally move the story along. Bonus of Marcello's mother to finally point out the bleeding obvious: there is no curse, the king made it all up to justify his compulsive cheating. And there you have this story. There isn't even a proper ending, no resolution, no satisfying conclusion, nothing's really been resolved, nothing even seems to have truly changed. It just ends and my exact thoughts were "wait, was that it?!" Yes. That was it. F*k.
Very simple, compact and self-contained, short and pretty darn adorable. It just really bothers me how (SPOILER!!) the guy knew about her little secret from the start and didn't say anything about it, despite how obviously sensitive and insecure she was about it! Instead he teases her! During sex! That's so mean! The embarrassment of the situation makes me cringe and die a tiny bit inside. It all worked out perfectly in the end, but the guy still could've handled things a bit more delicately, especially considering how stressed and worked up our poor nerdy MC got. It could be a case of YMMV, so maybe this won't bother you, in which case you might fully enjoy this sweet and cute little piece.
As expected the conflict was caused by misunderstandings and lies perpetuated by Ruy's mother and Carmelita, but unlike most cases of this I think this ultimately helped the leads and was something they both needed to experience. The leads both have very deep personal flaws and insecurities which they needed to realise and overcome before they could truly be happy together. The difficulties they faced helped them to do this so, although they suffered a lot for very stupid reasons (and now have the scars to prove it), it was definitely for the best. Sometimes we need some hardship in our lives to grow and become better, happier people.
An excellent story with great character development and an interesting plot. As well as trying to find out who's after the two leads' lives, there's a subplot regarding researching what happened to Juliette's brother, who's the reason she's in England in the first place despite the hostility and racism she faces. Drury was tortured by the French during the war and is now cold and embittered, but he still believes in doing what's right and never hesitates to apologise when he's at fault; his rare smiles feel all the more genuine and heartfelt. Juliette is, as Drury puts it, "brave, lively, stubborn, feisty", I like how proactive she is (pretending to be engaged is her idea), she's a real go-getter. What I love most about their romance is how the little things they do for each other, without much thought or effort, mean so much to the other, it shows just how naturally they make each other happy. Love isn't just about grand gestures after all, sometimes the smallest acts mean the most.
So much better and more exciting than I'd hoped! After Neil kidnaps Bettsy in the preview we learn that poor Terry has been murdered! The story is actually a really interesting murder mystery and I was gripped the entire time as the two leads and the detective investigate the case, with several believable suspects, some great twists and turns and actual clues to keep you guessing. As it's confined to one story, the mystery isn't the most complex and intriguing in the world but the author and artist do the absolute best with the limited space they're given, all while having to include a romance subplot. As such, the romance is very clumsy, rushed and not very realistic, but it's cute enough and the wonderful leads, the brave and courageous Bettsy and the incredibly naïve but earnest Neil, are so endearing I can't help but root for their HEA. Really different from most Hq mangas but definitely one of their best!
Light-hearted, sweet and charming with a nice amount of comedy. The characters are all likeable in their own way, Annie is bubbly and vivacious, she's so adorable and precious and effortlessly charms everyone she meets with her genuine enthusiasm, while Grant is more serious but still kind and noble, willing to go out of his way to help the naïve and unlucky Annie. I love how they both learn and change through being together, they both help each other realise their flaws and develop as people, it's not one-sided. Grant's brother isn't left out, he's given some development and a proper, respectful goodbye. There's an OW, but she's not truly a rival, she's an independent, sexy lady who I fully believe would've moved on had Grant been honest with her from the start since, while she's not the nicest person and does as she pleases, once she realises the situation with the leads, she tells Grant to go after Annie and clues him in on how much he's changed. Lovely story with lovely people.
Cliché and stupid plot, insufferable and insipid characters, the pacing was rushed even by Hq standards. We jump from one scene to the next at breakneck speed, allowing no room for development of any kind, it's a barrage of things happening without exploring any of them. The guy is unbearable, he lost his wife so rejects love (yes that tired old excuse), he never listens to the woman, doesn't discuss ANYTHING with her even when making decisions concerning her (for entirely selfish reasons), dismisses her concerns about the rival woman (who exists to be evil incarnate and ruin everything for everyone), spends an ungodly amount of time alone with said rival, whom he used to date btw, and allows her meddling, and is just in general an utter tool and a horrible piece of human garbage with no redeeming qualities. The woman is... just...there. She has no real agency of her own and her every decision is made by other people. Skip this. Your money and points are far better spent anywhere else.
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