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Lilley is far too forgiving and selfless. When her boyfriend cheats on her with her roommate instead of talking to her about their issues, she not only forgives him but apologises! Alessandro constantly tries to keep her at a distance emotionally, especially after they get married (because obligatory pregnancy from a single instance of unprotected sex), but she still falls in love with him. She tries to tell him that his biggest rivals are her family but he keeps interrupting her, wrongly (arrogantly) assuming she's going to confess her love for him, then when the OW (who's obviously the one who's been betraying his secrets to said rivals) tells him at a huge party, he cruelly interrogates her and humiliates her in front of everyone, but she still forgives him and takes him back almost instantly! Honestly the only likable person is Lilley's cousin who literally knocks some sense into him, so go read his story, The Count's Secret Child, instead, it's better in every way!
Hilarious and surprisingly touching! Misami is adorably obsessed with bacteria, she even goes on a bacteria-related rant during sex! And it actually turns out to be plot relevant! Isana is arrogant and determined enough to drag Misami kicking and screaming out of a life of science and solitude and into a loving relationship. And should he ever get too cocky, you can trust Misami to be there to lecture him about bacteria for another three hours. So yeah, these two are perfect for each other.
Christ on a cracker these two are the most adorable idiots! They're both just. So. Godamn! CUTE!! Ngh I can't take how cute they are!
One of the most delightful stories on here! The characters are all so wonderful and likable (seriously, not a bad apple in sight), the tone never gets to cringy levels of angst or drama, and the ending left me with a smile and warm, fuzzy feelings. Anna sees Dan drowning his grief from losing his beloved mother and can't help but want to comfort him, which leads to a no-strings-attached one night stand. After she finds out she's pregnant, Anna tries to contact Dan but is met by terrible rumours of him being a heartless, ruthless businessman (he had his reasons though) so she hesitates to involve such a terrifying guy in her child's life, then he disappears entirely (he changed his name). Years later Dan reappears in her life as an investor in the hotel where she works and they get to reconnect. I love how nicely and respectfully Dan treats Anna, he doesn't ever try to put her down and genuinely wants to do right by her and their (adorable, sassy, bossy) daughter and she appreciates it.
Cute and funny, Jenna's very likable and has a little bit more of a spine than most Hq women, I'm glad that she actually tried her best to tell the guy about their babies (and she has all the unread emails to prove it!). Her fierce mama bear sister is also the best big sis ever. The guy's your stereotypical Hq arrogant, rich playboy, nothing special there, though his scenes with his sons (specifically his "crash course in being a dad") are very funny. Story's fairly cliché and predictable, but it's still sweet and charming.
A fantastic selection of stories which are all linked! The three handsome and popular "kings" of a high school have one story each and the younger brother of the third king's LI even gets his own story (which was a pleasant surprise since I found him so interesting in his sister's story). All of the leads are developed really well and manage to be both interesting and likable in their own ways, it's amazing that the mangaka managed to nail so many characters with wildly different and unique personalities! And none of the romances felt forced or rushed, each couple felt perfect together and had great chemistry. Honestly, I really loved reading each and every one of the stories in this collection, there wasn't a single character or story I didn't fully enjoy, so I can't recommend it enough!
A delightfully charming, feelgood story with very likable characters! Bethany can't resist the temptation to try on a beautiful dress belonging to the owner of the house she's sitting on behalf of her friend, when Cristiano suddenly shows up. He assumes she's the rich owner and, instantly captivated by her, asks her to dinner. Poor Beth is lost and panicking, in no state to refuse Cristiano's demanding and relentless advances, and the dinner leads to a passionate two week holiday in Barbados. One of the better Hq male leads, Cristiano is very pushy and used to getting his own way, but he's also very earnest, devoted and gives his all to everything he does, including being a good partner and father. And he doesn't have a cliché sob story! Beth neither! Given how they met, Beth has some very understandable insecurities, but Cris actually gets that and does his best to help, support, understand and comfort her whenever he can, he can actually look at things from her perspective. Perfect!
The moment Lauren starts asking about the seriousness of their relationship, Ramon tells her she's nothing but his mistress and he'll have to marry a Spanish noble someday and produce an heir, then dumps her. A year later he still lusts after her, so he blackmails her to spend time together, then when he finds out about Matty, he threatens to take custody from her, bankrupting her if he must, then kidnaps the both of them while Lauren's unconscious from illness and takes them to Spain. After she recovers, he emotionally manipulates her into marrying him "for Matty's sake" and giving up her job, dismissing her desire to be independent as her "stupid ego". He also lies to her about where he goes, causing misunderstandings, and never gives any indication that he actually cares about her. And yet this jackass dares claim he's felt "true love" for her since they met?! F*k off. F*k. Right. Off.
I enjoyed it a bit more than I thought I would, considering how sick to death I am of the playboy trope. The story was all too predictable, with the fake lovers/marriage without love cliché, but it did all right with what little it had and there was nothing to actively dislike. The two leads are also fairly bland and do nothing to distinguish themselves from their character archetypes, except perhaps for the female lead's professionalism. She remains the consummate professional throughout and stays devoted to her duties, which I respected about her. The guy was 100% forgettable though. Nothing here drew me in but nothing put me off, so I guess I don't regret reading this. Honestly, I'm probably being too harsh because I've read far too many Harlequin stories, so take my criticisms with a grain of salt.
Georgia is tasked by her sister Faith to distract Jackson, over-protective older brother of Faith's lover, while the two get married in secret, so of course her and Jackson end up falling in love during their time stuck together due to poor weather. Georgia has had to raise her incredibly gifted son Noah on her own since the age of 17 and has become a very strong, stubborn and fiercely independent woman who tries to do everything alone. Jackson is equally stubborn (so they butt heads constantly), very overbearing and feels it is his responsibility to look after his sheltered brother and protect him from making poor life choices. He's also got a soft spot for kids so he gets very attached to Noah very quickly, which helps the two leads to break the ice and do something besides arguing. The story is very cliché and predictable, offering no surprises, but it's still enjoyable and endearing, I'm glad I read it.
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