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It made me laugh, it made me cry, but it always made me smile. This story has plenty of excellent, truly well done comedy but still manages to take itself seriously when it needs to, really making the absolute most of its premise and plot. I really came to understand and care about the two leads, sympathising with their personal issues and laughing at their charming antics. Rach has suffered a lot and dealt with lack of confidence and distrust in men and her own judgment because of her ex, but Greg helped her overcome her trauma and heal her soul, he was there for her when she was at her lowest, so now she's determined to do the same for him (as well as doing her darndest to seduce him now that she's got the courage to!). It's nice to have a woman who's willing to put her heart on the line and go after her man! And now that he's experiencing the same internal troubles Rach did, I'm glad that Greg had someone to help him through it. I was more than satisfied with the story.
A bit shallow and predictable but still enjoyable fluff. I could pretty much guess the entire plot just from the summary but the pacing was ok and the plot and characters got adequate development. The two leads' best friends even get their own romance, as well as the real princess Gabrielle with her beau; love is truly in the air! The only part I don't like was the two leads just happened to meet by chance the day before Megan gets (kidnapped) asked to pose as the princess, and they instantly fall in love. It felt entirely unnecessary and I'm not a big fan of love-at-first-sight since it comes off as lazy and shallow, but at least the leads get to know each other properly later on. There's not much depth to be found in either characters or story, but it was still a nice, light little time waster.
The manga must differ greatly from the original novel because the title has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the story. Secretary Natalie and princess Valentina meet by chance and, after noticing their identical looks (the twist is extremely obvious) and exchanging stories of their woes, they agree to swap places for a month. This story follows Natalie as she adjusts to living as a princess and falls in love with Valentina's arranged fiancé Rodolfo, a playboy prince who wastes his time skirt chasing and thrill seeking to escape the pressures of having (and failing) to live up to being future king in place of his late brother. The best scene imo is when Natalie first meets Rodolfo, she calls him out on his "double standards" and demands that she be allowed to sleep around if he will! It clearly impresses him as well since he immediately falls in love with her (and her soon after, making their love feel very shallow). I wish there was a bit more substance to their relationship, but oh well.
Fairly generic and cheesy but it's the good kind of cheese. Holly (a human bloodhound) wants to get Drago to sell her perfume but he mistakes her for a model and she, being too meek and caught up in the confusion, goes along with it, waiting for her chance to correct him. Her chance comes the morning after, but Drago is too used to people using him for money that he always expects the worse in people and throws her out. In true Hq fashion she ends up pregnant! To her credit she tries to tell but never manages to get through to him, so they only manage to reunite years later by pure chance, and he then hires her to be the model for his perfume (which still hasn't released in all that time...). Drago is so haunted by his past and his paranoia that he needs to get over his mistaken beliefs before he can ever have a chance at a HEA, while Holly just needed to mature a little bit, which she did on her own anyway thanks to having a baby. The growth is completely one-sided which is a shame.
It wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either... The plot is basic, Lizzie desperately wants a kid soon so is looking for a sperm donor, Quentin gets possessive and jealous at that and all but demands she date him in view of a contractual marriage for baby, they fall in love (?), she gets pregnant, they confess their feelings, they marry. My biggest problem is Quentin, he sucks. He's heavy-handed, demanding, sometimes scary (his evil face is more suited to the villain than the hero), always grumpy, cold-hearted etc. I can't fathom why Lizzie likes him, he's objectively awful! Especially to her! It's especially bewildering when his two brothers are so handsome, kind, supportive, charming and superior in every way. And they both like her and offer to be her baby daddy! There are some funny moments and the brothers and Allie are a lot of fun, so it's not a total loss.
I'm not quite sure why I liked this so much. I hate the art, the translation's a bit wonky and the ML does some pretty shady and horrible things to the FL. Poor Laurie is (unbeknownst to her) the centre of some very unfortunate misunderstandings, due to her incredibly incompetent boss. She's been given some very important and valuable items which Tyler, as CEO, is covertly trying to recover, but he does so using some unscrupulous and deceitful means since he doesn't trust her. There's a lot of misunderstandings and when everything finally gets resolved, Laurie is rightfully upset and hurt and Tyler vows to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. And then it ends. They've confessed that they fell in love with each other over the month they spent together, but there's a lot still unresolved between them and so much work that needs doing to fix their relationship, so definitely no HEA, but things are looking up. Kinda like real life I guess.
A touching slowburn romance, with two very different people who slowly get to know each other and eventually fall in love, w/o unnecessary conflicts or bad guys. Jane is so completely enamoured with her work that she has no interest in anything else (besides her only sister ofc), let alone some arrogant, selfish, proud, womanising sheikh. She's so genuinely and unashamedly uninterested in Zayed that it drives him up the wall, since he's so used to women throwing themselves at him. Both leads must meet each other halfway and work together, during which they come to understand each other and see a new side to the other (and themselves), gradually becoming friends, then falling in love. I admire how honest and sincere Jane is, she doesn't hide her feelings, nor her past, and she's very blunt with her words. She's definitely an admirable person and a wonderful queen, Zayed's a lucky man.
Wonderful story with wonderful characters. Tiffany is one of my fav FL ever, she's pure and sweet, yet fierce and courageous, her face when she tells Rafiq she wants nothing to do with him after he first proposes to her is epic, dayum. She also has a backbone (and keeps it!) and NEVER lets the guy boss her around, if only to be a good role-model for her kid. Gotta respect a lady who stands up for herself. Rafiq is no slouch either, he's endearingly arrogant while trying to win over his lady, but is very sincere in wanting to make their marriage work. He's also very supportive of Tif and always encourages her whenever her insecurities get the better of her. They both become better, stronger, happier people just by being together, and they both contribute equally to their relationship, which makes them a perfect couple. True love at its finest and a HEA well deserved.
Well damn, this got a lot more sweet and emotional than I expected from the premise. The "game" isn't what it seems and the truth will definitely surprise you, in a good way, and is definitely not just an excuse for a cute girl to bang a bunch of hot guys, there's actual, legitimately well-developed plot here. All the MCs were given a good bit of character development (except maybe Ryu), and I grew very fond of all of them (again, except Ryu). The HEA was definitely well earned and almost made me tear up. WARNING though, there's two scenes of non-con: one of almost r*pe and another scene of actual r*pe (that, to me, felt both worse and better than the former, somehow), so if you're sensitive to this content then beware! Apart from those two scenes, the rest of the story is more light-hearted and genuinely enjoyable to read. The smut is also drawn pretty well and suitably sexy.
Pretty enjoyable, I like how all the stories take place in the same world, with characters who all know each other. The first couple is adorable and sweet, they're both so completely devoted to each other it's too cute. The second couple are best friends of the first, they're pure comedy gold and Kenta is the most lovable pervert ever. These two couples get much more attention and development than the last one, who're pretty weak and uninteresting by comparison. The girl is annoyingly bitchy and her attempts to steal Taiyoh away from Momoka make her very unlikeable. The guy has all the personality of a rock, so I don't feel too attached to him. But as I said, the main focus is definitely the first two couples who are delightful. I just wish the smut scenes were a little more... interesting? They're short, bland and feel very lacking in every way. But the characters more than make up for it.
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