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Only "Sensible Housekeeper, Scandalously Pregnant" and "Claiming His Pregnant Wife" are truly worth reading, all the others are definite skips for me. Those 2 have fairly likeable characters (although the guy from the 1st is a complete nutjob) and decent plot and pacing. The 2nd one was so bland and meandering it felt like I read a bunch of nothing and left no impact (the leads never even confessed their love, the guy just told the press he was marrying the girl then they got married, the end). The 3rd was mind-blowingly nonsensical, I'm astounded at how so much made NO SENSE and I kept screaming "WHY?!" (eg. why lie for NO REASON to your granddaughter about being adopted?!). The 4th was full of stupid clichés and misunderstandings seemingly for the sake of it, because they made no logical sense (why would you ask a guy to tell you about the girl you saw him sexually assault and believe him?!). The 5th had one of the most pathetic and spineless women ever, I wanted to slap her.
Not gonna lie, this was pretty bad. The 1st one, His Private Mistress, was the best, but even that one left me a little unsatisfied. If there's one thing to take away from these stories, it's that love alone is not enough to build a relationship on. All 3 couples were deeply in love the whole time, but a lack of trust (and proper communication) tore them apart and kept them apart until they could resolve their issues (or whatever the authors and/or artists consider passes for "resolving issues"). Some really good ideas here, but the execution was varying degrees of poor in each story. It didn't help that the men were always 100% to blame and the women took them back WAY too quickly and easily, and put up with way, waaayy too much of the men's bs. Ladies and gentlemen, if your S.O. ever treats you like the guys do in these stories, just. Walk. Away. Have some self respect.
Short oneshot about a student who finds special X-ray glasses which show him girls' underwear and uses them to blackmail the student council president (who's secretly a massive pervert and slut) and his English teacher into having sex with him. Oh and aliens apparently secretly control the world. This is almost entirely pure smut with just a dash of humour (especially that ending! OMFG that ending!), so if all you want is PWP, especially threesomes, then this has you covered.
This rom-com is a lot of fun, though not very spicy so if you're looking for that you'll be disappointed. Daiki is an average teenage boy who's a huge fan of Momo's and is truly dedicated to helping Momono achieve her dream of being a voice actress. He comes to genuinely fall for her, quirks and all, and always puts her needs and comfort above his own, despite his teenage boy horniness. Momono's shy and socially awkward, but gets too into her roles when she acts, which often leads to naughty hijinks (she's also very clumsy and keeps tripping, which makes up the other portion of sexy hijinks). The rest of the cast, including the tsundere club leader and Daiki's super pervy big sister (much to his exasperated annoyance, lol), are also lots of fun. This is above all a rom-com, with some naughty bits to add to the comedy, so if that's what you want I think you'll like this. It's also cheap so definitely check this out.
I hate how selfish Sam is, she spends most of the story pushing Xander away when he's always kind to her and Daisy, she keeps comparing him to her scumbag ex because he's uncomfortable being around a little kid who knocked him over the moment she arrived (on top of him being a bachelor with no experience with kids AND a broken leg), she jumped into marriage with her ex despite never getting to know him and now refuses to ever fall in love (instead, you know, actually getting to know the guy you like!) and never once considers Xander's feelings (both for her AND for Daisy). The two have no meaningful conversations or interactions except for the once near the end, where they exposit their sob stories. I also hate how Xander obsesses over controlling his temper, despite NEVER showing us ANY evidence of any temper and despite his brother always telling him he doesn't have one (obviously he only believes that once SAM says it). He also instantly solves Sam's problems because she can't.
Slow burn focused more on family bonding between the leads and Isabella than on romance. Jack may be a ruthless, stubborn workaholic, but he cares deeply for his adopted niece (whom he calls Baby Belle) and always puts her first, willing to do anything for her. We get his POV exclusively, to hide the big reveal and to keep Annalise's thoughts and emotions a mystery. She's calm, mature and initially walks all over Jack to get her way in helping Isabella, so she seems like the perfect match for him. There's ample bonding between everyone before we get to the arranged marriage part (and both sides are unfailingly respectful to each other throughout), so the romance was well developed. But then a big secret gets revealed and Annalise's character gets destroyed by her becoming painfully passive, a doormat who lets others walk all over her and who won't even TRY to fight for what she wants, made all the worse by how strong she was before then. So great story until that last third.
Very cute and laid-back. The title only applies to the 1st half of the story where Bonten, an inexplicably talking cat with equally inexplicable and ill-defined magical powers, and his owner help people (all girls who look way too similar) with their mundane problems (that the girls should really have been able to solve themselves). I preferred Clavay's Keys over this because their characters and their problems were far more interesting, diverse and relatable, and the magic was more consistent and, well, "magical". The 2nd half is more slice-of-life with completely different characters and plots, with the only thing tying everything together being the theme of cats helping people with their problems. My main gripe is how confusing things can get since it's so often hard to tell who's speaking. All speech bubbles are identical and the same text font is used for everyone, and often they'll show one person when it's someone else talking. It's too incoherent at times for a full 5 stars.
If you like The Throw-Away Bride then you'll love this sequel starring Abby's sister Anna/Rebecca and Leo's brother Connor (you'll also be able to guess most of the plot). Both leads click almost instantly and rush into marriage before Connor has had the chance to explain the truth to Anna about why he's been looking for her and about her extremely complicated background. And considering Anna's traumatic past and her stalker ex, she's developed the habit of running away at the first sign of trouble. Both leads hurt each other unintentionally quite a lot, but it's always understandable and they do learn from their mistakes and grow as people (and suffer the consequences of their actions, yay for karma). I like how neither party is solely to blame for their problems and they both acknowledge their faults, I really love good character development. It's also great to finally see Abby reunited with her sister. I loved both stories and would definitely recommend them to anyone.
It was ok, the plot was fairly predictable, the characters were flawed in a believably human way and the pace was fine. I just hate how weak-willed Shannon is, she just lets EVERYONE walk all over her! Luca treated her abysmally, but she keeps falling back into his arms and bed no matter how often he hurts her, she always does everything he wants, her sister (who gets the most character development tbh) sacrificed her to protect her own marriage, same for Angelo (even Luca was mad at his brother!), and she never even tries to defend herself to the Salvatore family (who never find out the truth!). Shannon is a doormat, not a person. At least everyone else was decent. Both Luca and Keira were so consumed by their fears and insecurities that they were blind to how much they were loved and ended up hurting their loved ones and themselves, but Luca, at least, was able to redeem himself and get a HEA. Their character development is my favourite part of the story, I love their humanity.
Surprisingly deep and complex with many mature themes and twists and turns, I was on the edge of my seat for most of the story. While the main theme of revenge vs love is simple, there's much more to the plot and characters than you'd first assume and I was constantly being surprised the more I learned. Olivier is as I expected, a man consumed by the desire to avenge his grandfather then losing that hate as he fell in love, but Bella is more complicated than she seems and someone I couldn't help but sympathize. The full truth of what happened 50 years ago is a mystery that's revealed little by little over time and I was genuinely intrigued by it. With so many themes and plot points to explore, the romance isn't as well developed as I'd have liked, but it's serviceable enough. I just wish the leads had more time to interact with each other to make their love more believable. Still, this is a really interesting story that kept me hooked much more than I thought it would.