User Reviews For: The Serious Case of Mr. Leonhard's Dysfunction


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MidnightRaven Rating
I love this so much. So sexy. But does it ever update?
yotface Rating
I'm enjoying every moment of this. Very comedic side and I love the illustrations of a handsome male protagonist!
krazysexikool Rating
Love it ready for the next book
elmisol Rating
I liked that both Protagonists ended up admitting their feelings for each other.I wish that the manga would of showed more sexual interactions especially the goal of the male lead which was to have a baby.
vloveland Rating
Is this going to get finished? Because it's killing me. Other than that it's fantastic
iori Rating
I love the story and the art
nothanks Rating
It feels somewhat rushed, but their romance is sweet and the characters are very distinct, despite the fact that it's only six chapters long. There are only really four characters, but they've all got interesting personalities. This would have made a good series, but it's still recommendable in it's short and sweet format.
Amora Rating
It was a great story and I would love to see more.
MaySage Rating
Super cute, but the story and development doesn't really make sense.
amiami22 Rating
This is actually such an interesting story....I wish it updated more frequently :(
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