User Reviews For: All Openings Are Occupied -A Pleasant Four-Way Lifestyle-


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peichi Rating
On my eternal quest to find good mmf/3p+ smut on this site I often looked at but didn't buy the title. It's a very enticing title when one is horny and likes 3p/4p as I do, but the art is so bad, just one look at the cover and I felt my lady boner wither. For whatever reason I decided to take the plunge and rent it. I mean I can deal with bad art if the smut is really good. Alas the smut here does not do the title justice. The sex scenes are extremely brief and really mild. The 3p/4p is only like two pages long and basically devoid of any details or sexyness. I don't know how you have a plot that just exists to set up the smut and not deliver on the actual smut. Cannot recommend this to anyone.
lalaland Rating
It's worth it if you're into mmf or mmmf action.
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