User Reviews For: Kasumi Namori's Life with a Teacher!


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Mina Rating
I liked it a lot, but the final chapter... that's it? Really?? I hoped for much more to happen. It feels like there are following chapters missing. :-(But 3 Stars for the actual story.
Emthom822 Rating
This had me. I was truly invested in these characters. But like other reviews have noted, the ending takes that emotional investment and throws it off a cliff. The ending is INCREDIBLY disappointing. It's not even a cliffhanger; it's just an abrupt wrap-up. Still worth a read, though, but it could be five stars if there were more to the story.
geebarb612 Rating
It started out fun and interesting but they ended it after the third installment without any kind of closure. It was a very abrupt and dissatisfying end. I wouldn't have wasted the tickets if I knew it would end like this.
Acer Rating
I enjoyed it, tho it was a little bit short for my tastes.
lulukat Rating
I love this! The sexual tension is palpable! I can't wait to see what happens in future volumes.
Lulupop Rating
This was a great one-shot story! This story is short and sweet, I would love to read a sequel if they made one. Also great character development and graphics! 10/10 would recommend!!
ebookrenta072drt87o Rating
Was so adorable and kept me reading. The main character is so adorable and not a pure, I enjoyed this one a lot. Can't wait to see what happens next . Definitely excited.
noizumikun Rating
I loved every bit of it. Would definitely love to see more of this story. Heck, would even play the game and max out all relationships with all the guys. Definitely a fun read!
tigeress Rating
Hope that there is going to be more.. such a great series
Virgo24 Rating
I loved this!!! I need more what happens next do they get together?
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