User Reviews For: Kasumi Namori's Life with a Teacher!


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Mina Rating
I liked it a lot, but the final chapter... that's it? Really?? I hoped for much more to happen. It feels like there are following chapters missing. :-(But 3 Stars for the actual story.
geebarb612 Rating
It started out fun and interesting but they ended it after the third installment without any kind of closure. It was a very abrupt and dissatisfying end. I wouldn't have wasted the tickets if I knew it would end like this.
lulukat Rating
I love this! The sexual tension is palpable! I can't wait to see what happens in future volumes.
ebookrenta072drt87o Rating
Was so adorable and kept me reading. The main character is so adorable and not a pure, I enjoyed this one a lot. Can't wait to see what happens next . Definitely excited.
noizumikun Rating
I loved every bit of it. Would definitely love to see more of this story. Heck, would even play the game and max out all relationships with all the guys. Definitely a fun read!
tigeress Rating
Hope that there is going to be more.. such a great series
Virgo24 Rating
I loved this!!! I need more what happens next do they get together?
Angelfox7 Rating
I really enjoyed this in the beginning the end just seems quite abrupt. I do wish there was more for all of the build up. I was expecting a bit more excitement. Although it is a good read.
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