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This really isn't your average love-manga. You get a big piece of the dude's mind and he is kind of a jerk. But that's why i like it! He is not the typical hero who loves the woman immediatly while she is too shy too ask about his feelings and in the happy end he says something like 'i would never sleep with you, if i haven't loved you from the start' and magically cancer is cured around the world, haha. Well, this manga feels more like the reality. I think it will also have an happy end but it starts less sweet/dreamy. Good one!
A very good and mature story with loveable characters! I loved it :-)
Wow, this is just perfect. I love the couple, the second chapter is as good as the first, so I think the following will be too. Worth every penny! I'm rarely a re-reader, but i read the first chapter now three times i think. Its so funny, lovely and hot :) the guy is also a real tsundere, what i love.
Not really bad, but kind of boring. It says, there are stories full of teasing sadists. Except the first one, this is not true. I even skipped the last story...If you like sweet, kind of innocent romance, that follows usual patterns and doesn't go too deep, that's it. Otherwise spare your money.
I really liked this one. They're taking their time and the love scenes are long and kind of 'real' (the girl doesn't orgasm after one second etc.). I'm waiting for the next chapter!
I liked it a lot, but the final chapter... that's it? Really?? I hoped for much more to happen. It feels like there are following chapters missing. :-(But 3 Stars for the actual story.
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