User Reviews For: My Fiance Did Me in Front of My Boyfriend...


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Yuki01 Rating
Don't waste your time. Very unsatisfying.
Nyanko Rating
Oh boy. The title implies exhibitionism that isn't realized. It also implies "doing" but there's no actual consummation, so combined with the lack of naughtiness in the love scenes, the story isn't nearly as titillating as you'd think. The characters are poorly fleshed out, with the protagonist being the least appealing and the boyfriend taking a momentary heel turn that's clearly there just for the drama. I can see where they were going with the story, but it ends before it really goes there (or anywhere), as if the writer just got bored with it and didn't bother to finish. The characters, however, look great, with the protagonist looking cute but not cutesy, and the male characters looking appropriately young and looking simultaneously cute and sexy. Too bad the story doesn't match the quality of the art in any way.
lolita Rating
Ending felt totally incomplete. It left me with my feels hanging. Not satsifying at all.
Bloodchild18 Rating
I hate the ending
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