User Reviews For: I'll Make You Mine... -Mistress of a Big-Shot Gangster-


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foxy Rating
Better than most as far as story goes. Not perfect, but definitely kept me more interested when things weren't hot and heavy than some others have. It's cute, short and sweet, and fun enough to keep attention.
orangepuddings Rating
The art is really pretty (even though she looks very petite and a bit like a loli) and I like the typical cop and yakuza storyline. Very sweet romance.
SkeletonWriter Rating
I love this series! I keep coming back to read it again and again. Both the Hero and the Heroine have rounded characters. The art is wonderful and easy to follow. I plan on finding more from this author!
Liyakakashi Rating
The story is soo nice! I WANT more!!
Lixxy13 Rating
I really liked I always wanted to read it, I can't wait to finish it I just thinking how it will end.
Strick Rating
I love a good mafia story and this one didn't disappoint. The last chapter seemed rushed but still...worth the read!
Zoids Rating
I enjoyed it a lot. Very light and fluffy but there still is an interesting story to go with romance scenes
ebookrenta05wcvtbih Rating
really easy to start getting into!
lehrastar Rating
This is so great! I loved it!
winter798 Rating
Love the characters
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