Strick's Reviews & Ratings

Super hot ninja ML and sexy love scenes! One of my favorites!
Cliche but cute story
Spoiler! I just cant see a handsome 30 yr old tuff guy as a virgin...other than that, it seems to be a funny, cute story. But not for me...at that point he must have something wrong with him to have no experience at all
Maybe it's just me but I dont get it...I suppose I need to reread to understand what's going on but the scenes have so much going on it's hard to follow the storyline and I am on 8! I am confused and just trudging on, lol, cuz tho honestly I am not into this story enough to read it again, sorry but I can only muster 3 stars here
No steamy romance or anything just a light read, kinda dull
Ok story, sometimes hard to follow. Overall a good read. 4 stars!
3 different stories, all cute and a good read.
Kinda boring
Cute story, good art, appealing characters....only thing I didn't like was the lack of more "adult" content to make it more interesting and romantic. Otherwise, I give it 4 stars, likely my favorite nonsmut story!
Moved really fast, no chemistry. Waste of points.
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