Strick's Reviews & Ratings

If you are looking for romance or sex look elsewhere...their "love" seemed rushed and not so much as his bare chest is seen...
Surely this isnt "completed". Cuz the end sux
It's ok. Basically a girl is homeless and a gangster kidnaps her for his personal sex toy.
Well theres lots of sex...
Nice read, good art, handsome ML.
For a samurai who only takes pages to bed. He later confessed that he never bedded any of them. However he DID attempt oral sex on his MALE page and accept it in return when he thought she was a he. So, I dunno if hes bi or what at this point. And then she immediately falls in love with him! I'm confused but it's still a good read even tho his sexual orientation is kinda questionable!
Sweet characters but still a bit perverse of a man in his 60s to sleep with a 16yr old CHILD! Other than that it's a great read
Super hot ninja ML and sexy love scenes! One of my favorites!
Cliche but cute story
Spoiler! I just cant see a handsome 30 yr old tuff guy as a virgin...other than that, it seems to be a funny, cute story. But not for me...at that point he must have something wrong with him to have no experience at all
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