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oAnnDoll Rating
This is so cringy... in a bad way. if love is a foreign concept in the world you live in, why do you know about it? The female lead is super annoying. If you like anything with a storyline or even like a good short smutty story. This ain't it sis. The art is nice though.
ebookrenta0wqqecpzl Rating
I gave four stars because I did like it,it is a interesting story, but I felt like it was just to short-anyway I don't get how this payment system works because it said to buy permanently not giving a option to rent so I thought I was buying it permanently and went to click back to read it, it said renting now.
faby Rating
Great story.
Mhudgey3 Rating
I enjoy the fact that this manga is different. In a world where being a virgin is taboo, it is probably really hard to stick to your morals for love.
chongvang47 Rating
The drawing are so cool
killthenoise Rating
Not what anyone would call the next big romance novel, but it's very sweet and enjoyable
Telltaler Rating
This might have been more enjoyable if the characters weren't so obviously underage with puberty brought up all the time and a lot of the stuff leaning to being non-con:/
sabina11 Rating
I like this one
noobnob Rating
If you're looking for a cute story with vanilla but passionate smut then this is good. It's a short one too which is nice. The art is amazing. Just one thing to clear up though: aromantic is the norm but this world was exactly like ours in the past. The heat thing is to fight dwindling population. Just mentioning this because someone commented in their review that "how would you know what romantic feelings are if they don't exist in your world" and that's because they did exist in the past. Overall, a good read.
Kyattchan Rating
That was kind of cute.. it felt too short though
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