StreetUrchin's Reviews & Ratings

Love the story. But the art quality went down hill.
Can definitely see people having a lot to say about this. I was hoping for a weird positive twist. But if this is the end...hmmm
Was a little confusing. But overall 4 stars for art and concept.
I feel like i just wasted all my time and money as of Vol 21. I doubt I will comeback and finish this. Was so hoping the FL would be better.
I so badly want to give this 5 stars. The ending though. Rushed, could have went into another chapter, so that way we could have some closure. I feel a little let down. It is a great story overall. Loved it. Definitely will be rereading.
Really cute. All about the cat.
It wasn't for me.
For this to get more stars, I think it needed to be longer. The male MC needed more growth. It was too rushed, I am disappointed. The female MC busted her butt for her mother's debt, was humiliated. I know not everyone gets a happy ending, but this was supposed to be and it lacked her growth also. She is still nothing more than a sex doll I feel. My opinion, but 150 points was not worth the purchase, and 100 points is not worth the rental. Plus, the art was good.
Cute and heartwarming.
For the length of the story and content was worth the price of purchasing. Though I also do not think the renting price is worth it either. It was a good story. The best character was Mika.
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