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Aillin69 Rating
Very cute romance but the tittle is very misleading.Wish there was more
sinensis Rating
A very 'safe' manga about a typical newbie couple. There is one implied sex scene (lol yes, implied, you can't see much, if anything) but otherwise... there is NO sadism in this story, despite the title. Author probably used it to generate interest (it's a lie). The art is well-drawn, but honestly the story is lacking. I would recommend reading the free part and then use your imagination for the rest--would not recommend paying for the 2nd part.
ladydeathdragon Rating
I love it. Just reading this gets me happy. I will definitely read this again and the rest of this!
shihori01 Rating
Don't bother. Not worth the cost of the time to read it. Title does not suit the content and the story is pretty bland
Vampress18 Rating
First chapter wasn't enough to make me want to purchase the next. Meh.
ebookrenta0uzcieu1o Rating
I just started reading it just to kill time but it was sooo interesting that i kept on reading .. the plot is good... it makes my heart flutter .. please read and rate it
Astar2018 Rating
Sweet and funny. Loved it wish there were more chapters to read!
MoniBaru97 Rating
the worst thing i had read , neither the drawing are nice and there are no story line
vienna Rating
You will not think the guy was no girlfriend since birth with his look but its sweet to know that the girl was her first girlfriend its a good feeling to know that both of them were their first experiences with one another.
marymw356 Rating
I'm giving it 4 stars due to the title Is Misleading! But this short story is cute. I personally was glad that the boyfriend isn't sadistic. They should rename the title because it is a cute short story.
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