User Reviews For: Mimi the Cross-Dresser and His Boyfriend Kei


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karink333 Rating
This is second of the work (collection of oneshots) that I've read from this authour and unfortunately once again out of 3 stories I like just 1, in this case the 1st one (crossdressing). If you're looking for some depth turn around. If you're here specifically for crossrdressing theme that has 80 pages, is quite cute, than this could be for you.*Includes 3 stories. -> crossdressing guy1 to win heart of guy2;transfer student;guy2 becomes aware of his feelings thanks to transfer student 2nd -> transfer student from story 1 is falling for his stalker (1chapter only)3d -> 2 highchoolers -> who is gonna bottom
CatastropheKID Rating
The fact that it went Into a side story halfway though really bothered me. I payed for one thing and got something I didn't want when I was enjoying the main story. I'm really disappointed by that and it should be in the description of the product.
osirismaru Rating
This book features 3 different stories of high school boys and their love lives. It's not super deep, but the characters and the art style are really cute. It was a nice way to pass some time!
HunterZeroSugar Rating
Ehh, if you were drawn to this for the crossdressing aspect then i suppose it suffices. However, like most the other reviews, if you are trying to find your next in depth mini-series. This isn't it. Characters are cute but it's it's only real strong suit.
Agumon71 Rating
The main story is great. Wish it didn't have detour but the other stories are also fine and I liked how the main pair were sprinkled throughout.
Kotonataisho1993 Rating
Love it! it was really funny!!
SenriShiki Rating
Honestly, this manga is one of my favorites! I love both stories and couldn't stop reading once I started. A+++ you stole my heart
striderincident Rating
Super duper cute, I reread this constantly!
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