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Wildhearth Rating
This is worth it.
Weeb4Life Rating
Really cute with a lot of hidden depth. Since we get to see some of Rafe's thoughts, it becomes clear pretty quickly that he's been in love with Shaan since before she and Piers dated, which makes him SO much more sympathetic! He acts cold and distant, but it's obvious he's hurting inside at the thought that Shaan loves someone else, so I really felt for him. Shaan has her own growing pains to go through, but I'm glad that she came out of them a more confident woman. There were the usual misunderstandings, but at least here they're believable and understandable, so I can kinda forgive them. Piers also turns out to have a surprising amount of depth, which was a pleasant surprise, he's not just a plot device to kick off the marriage w/o love plot! I ended up enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would, though the artist needs to tone down the anime eyes on women, Shaan's gigantic pupils in some scenes made her look like an alien, lol.
pinysavika Rating
Another great story!
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