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Weeb4Life Rating
Old clich辿s mixed with modern sensibilities, great pacing and plot, and mature, believable characters who, surprisingly, don't change over the course of the story, they were just fine and just that compatible from the start! Violet is no shrinking violet, she's sensible, opinionated and has some actual self-worth! She's not a doll to be dressed up nor a meek puppet whose personality can be moulded to suit her man, she's a grown woman with a kind heart. Damien may come across as a playboy but he isn't sleazy, he knows what he likes and goes after it, he's not very open about his emotions but it's not because of some tragic backstory, he's just like that naturally. The two even date, argue and have sex like mature, consenting adults instead of like hormonal teenagers. I love the message that their differences are what make them get along so well, they compliment each other and make up for each other's weaknesses. We need more couples like this in our romance stories!
Guest Rating
This is a good story about love and family.
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