User Reviews For: My Two Boyfriends -18-Year-Old Eisuke and 28-Year-Old Eisuke-


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roseunfolding Rating
I was looking forward to this. Cute premise, good art. But NOTHING HAPPENS in this manga. Nothing. No plot progression. No character development. No sex. It feels like an intro. How can this series be marked complete when after two installments nothing has even progressed?! And I don't see any hint of a sequel, either. Save your tickets. I wish I could get a refund.
Sakura Rating
Don't waist your time on this nothing happens
Andi22 Rating
Awful. Don't waste your points or money. This should have been free. How could this be marked as complete? There's literally no resolution or story progression. I just spent 800 points on a prologue.
Anabell63 Rating
I love it
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