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Weeb4Life Rating
A confused, awkward mess with poorly developed characters with ever changing motivations, pointless scenes or, worse, scenes that seem to ret-con other scenes, so much is wrong in such weird ways I'm just baffled. It felt like the author (or maybe the artist? Or maybe both are to blame?) couldn't decide what kind of character they wanted Emma to be and clumsily tried to make her both, but ended up with a disjointed mess of a lead whose personality, wants and needs, and strength of character are all over the place. Cesare on the other hand had NO personality, and his actions and motives are just whatever the artist needs them to be for the plot. The baby is a plot device, a smiling doll (who doesn't resemble either parents for some reason) who behaves like no 6-m-o ever and has no meaningful nor believable interactions with anyone. Even the art is confusing, there are so many visual effects EVERYWHERE that are very distracting. Nothing special nor worthwhile here, don't bother.
luvnotme1 Rating
A good read.
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