User Reviews For: The Serious Case of Mr. Leonhard's Dysfunction [VertiComix]


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Vampiro83 Rating
Ohhh so cute and romantic...
staceychan Rating
This is hilarious yet sweet. Hahaha. Would always reread this in the future. Kudos, author-san.
Chiisako Rating
Overall i liked it! Like others have stated its a cute and funny story :). Wished it was a bit longer tho since the end of the story felt a little rushed... But for the price it was a good read! :)
Allie2316 Rating
This is truly a delight to read, I can hinestly say that I have never read anything quite like it and I am so glad I found this.
Foxy Rating
Very funny/good read, I wish it was longer and I wish it got deeper into their love life
ebookrenta0801ww4st Rating
That was interesting... but cute!
lotsofblueberry Rating
It's a very interesting sweet story. Havent read anything like this before!
monsterhigh1116 Rating
I really do like this story.
Flyaway Rating
Such a sweet cute story and a funny one as well. I like the girl was strong enough and stood her ground, and the guy was so entertaining; his assistant was adorable. HEr friend was a tough one as well. They all look good as well!all in all, a fun to read a story with beautiful art. I wish it was longer though!
AngelBaby Rating
The story and the art is amazing..and i like the story.
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