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This story is one of the best here. It is very healthy relationship and this is how sexy love stories should be. The guy is a dream to any girl. And the girl is amazing and cute yet not weak or stupid . They are both protective but the protection of the male lead is so wholesome. The character development is very admirable and even though both characters are amazing they have their own flaws but they talk it out which shows maturity and respect. The art is fantastic, the naughty scenes are great and the ending is perfect. Recommend this 100%. Also I really want my own Motoki ... I am serious. This guy is a dream guy!
Very beautiful story. Amazing art and unique plot.. wish it was longer though.
The art i very unique and different. At first, I was shocked, but then I get used to it, it is very creative.the story is very unique and beautiful!Can't wait for volume 3!I like the male very much!He is my kind of guy, he waits, and even if the girl is not ready, he does not go away and search for another, no he waits and accepts her terms! He wait until she is ready!I feel this girl is a virgo like me, but only problem, I never met such guy! yet anyway!
One of the best love stories on this website. It feels so realistic, yet very enchanting. The hot scenes are really nice, but what makes this manga great is how compatible the two characters are. You just look at them and you want them to end up together because they are perfect to each other. The guy looks great and acts like a gentleman since day 1 and the girl is cute, so naive, but not stupid and she is so honest and brave! She is never afraid to tell what is in her heart! They guy is always there for her and supporting her!Perfect relationship. I loved her sister as well. I understand their sisterly love! I would do all I can for my older sister and I believe she would as well. He brother is goofy but likeable Haha. I recommend you read amazing manga and beautiful art! This is a feel.good manga
Oh Wow. I can't wait for Episode 2. This Manga is very unique and untraditional, it's not a unique story per se, as this story being used before, but how special and peculiar the characters in this story make this manga very enjoyable and unpredictable.I liked the art, both the female and the male lead are cute. The fact that there are other guys makes it also very interesting. I can't wait for Jealousy to play a part here lol.The hot scenes are kinda rushed but they are nice too.I don't know, overall, the story feels very realistic and entertaining.I encourage you to read it as well.
I feel this story is more emotional and deep; it's not about fun and pleasures even though it is what supposed to take place. There is sex every now and then, but you don't really enjoy it, you enjoy the story more. It is written beautifully. I think the ending was alright.
This story is the STORY!Wow! Amazing! I mean I love the devlish boy more, but I feel Soma's charcter is growing too! A very new theme and very unique, dark, and engaging!The art is so different, like level 100! Amazing job artist!I don't know what more to say. I am on chapter 5 and I enjoyed it so far! This will defeintly have a surprising end for sure!Although, there are many hot scenes, but I feel it's deeper than that!She is like a butterfly that is been entranced by the spider's web, but is the spider gonna kill her or is he gonna save her?
The story is fun to read and the dynamic relationship between the two is enjoyable. Both of them are cute and lovely. However, the ending feels like the end of season 1 or somethin. Kinda unfinished which is unfortunate, you kinda get the happy ending but not quite! I hope the author will give us a proper ending
I enjoyed the three volume I read! The MC is so cute and he loves the FC so much! It's a very realistic story! The girl seems preocupied with the idea of finding a prince and it takes her a while to let go of that idea or maybe realizes who the prince is.Yeah, the part about the drug was messed up, but the rest flows nicely! I actually thought the manga ended with volume 3 but apparntly there is more!
A cute realistic love story. The male lead is very handsome, reminds of Superman, and the female lead is beautiful and super strong. He is very funny and persistent, but there is nothing "bad" about him!What I don't like is how fast he fell for her, but I guess some guys are like that. I feel the story ended now, but it says current volume, so I guess there will be more drama. The hot scenes, there are not many details and stuff, so it's I don't know, some might prefer it this way, but not me.