User Reviews For: The Italian Billionaire's Secret Love-Child


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Tsubaki Rating
It's readable but Charlie is too indecisive..but Gina is adorable
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Charlie annoyed me, she was really wishy washy and was weak. Ricardo was a jerk. The way he broke things off with her when they were younger was so messed up. He was just so cavalier about how they got together and that she should have known that it was just a summer fling. This story is filled with one lie after another. He meets her again and he feels like it is fate. Why? He hardly ever thought about her. He was on a date with OW and still pursues Charlie, wth? Then he has a eureka moment after they make love where he realizes he's always loved her and letting her go 8 years ago was his biggest mistake. I didn't feel any romantic feelings between them at all. She was very rude and not likable and he was whatever, I wasn't crushing on him at all. There is not a lot to go on here that shows them ever loving each other, just a lot of fighting. That's not healthy or romantic. Not my favorite. Art is nice, story was a bit hard to follow. Glad I just rented this and not paid for full.
sandka10 Rating
A cute little story with a sweet ending.
ShAnn Rating
The artwork is so pretty.You can see the development of the main characters and the gradual shift in their relationship dynamic through the story's progression.If only the story was longer T^T
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