User Reviews For: I Turned into a Girl and Turned on All the Knights! -I Need to Have Sex to Turn Back!- [VertiComix]


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PowerZ1 Rating
I love it! The writing is absolutely brilliant. The story is engaging and the characters are lovable, not to mention sexy as hell. Hands down this is now my favorite!!
harryp55 Rating
I love this series. It has a good plot, interesting characters and the sex is great. This story is the best thing I have found on Renta thus far. I only wish I knew the update schedule so I could count the days till the next chapter.
tenzout Rating
the art is scrumptious - the characters are interesting - their interactions are adorable - and the scenes are spicy
Jasmine Rating
I did not expect much when I first tried this one. Surprisingly, it's quite good. Love the characters, artwork is good. And it has color, big bonus.
Ouryu Rating
I enjoy the story and the "romance" is pretty good too. Though I would like to see this continued. It just kind of stopped for months now...
ebookrenta0ibednu0f Rating
Cant wait to see what happens.. Hooked!
Hapireader Rating
One of my favorites thus far I can't wait to see what happens next.
Choobaka Rating
I adore this webtoon. It's versatile and salacious in nature with both male/female and male/male scenes with the three protagonists. It's well written and has plot to follow along with the smut. The characters are beautiful and have their own flaws. I hope that they keep the m辿nage
PastelMouse Rating
It's so freaking GOOD! I do hope alto and lune end up together they are perfect!
Guest Rating
I fell in love with the plot. I can't wait until there's another chapter to it.
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