User Reviews For: I Turned into a Girl and Turned on All the Knights! -I Need to Have Sex to Turn Back!- [VertiComix]


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ebookrenta0bm5t17ar Rating
The guys are so hot... the guy turned into a pretty girl
HopeLescase Rating
Do we know when vol 21 is being released? This is such a hot story, I'm so excited for what's to come.
Amazing, love the genderbender arc. So well done
HopeOnWings Rating
I love this series. It's the first one I read on Renta, but honestly my favorite. All the characters are well-written, the love triangle is a wonderful twist, and the color images are beautiful. Would definitely recommend as a must-read!
cowynet Rating
At first, I'm looking down to this title as I'm into BL, I'm into straight love manga but I'm not into gender bender. Well this one different, this is really good ajd must read!!. It basically BL manga that the MC cursed to be a woman and he had to have sex to lift the curse. This is quite different from most BL manga and sure really stand out from other typical BL manga. You got both love manga and BL manga in one series. If you looking manga with lots of sex scene with good storyline, you should definetely buy this. It's not gender bender type, but one soul share both male and female body. So far this is the best manga in renta. Will definitely follow this series because it's really good!!
waifiuwu Rating
Characters are all charming and super hot! Engaging storyline too!
hack88 Rating
i really like genres gender bender + romance ~
tari Rating
I like this manga but I think it's just ok. I could skip ahead 15+ chapters and still be inline with what's going on. I'm not compelled to root for MC and it doesn't matter who they choose, the outcome will be the same. I LOVE genderbent manga for the conflict, the tug and pull between MC and other characters and the inner conflict generated by MC 's new condition. I don't feel like there's anything at stake here. There's only a flimsy excuse and a trite plotline. Again I like this manga, but imagine if you changed sex via curse, your life would change and it never really does for MC.
gothicshark Rating
for a Hentai it's got a decent story, and I love the characters. Also the Drama is really good.
ebookrenta04nta39mn Rating
i love it! The writing is absolutely brilliant. The story is engaging and the characters are lovable, not to mention sexy as hell. Hands down this is now my favorite!!
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