User Reviews For: I'll Show You Everything -Train Me, Mr. Yoshizaki-


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Pepperjack1986 Rating
I like office romances, and this one did not disappoint. Shy pushover Yuriko is tired of being a single virgin at 29, so she signs up for a relationship course offered by her job. She's shocked to find out it's being taught by her office crush, Mr. Yoshizaki! I'd definitely recommend this lighthearted read.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was really enjoyable and cute at times. The h is really sweet and clumsy and awkward, but she's diligent and earnest and this doesn't go unnoticed. I really liked that we got the H's POV in one of the later chapters to see how he first noticed her and what drew her to him, pretty cute. I appreciated that he wasn't a playboy boss and had standards when approaching a woman. But the way he went about it in the beginning would make anyone question his motives. But the man had his reasons. That interview in the first chapter is lol funny! He's so blunt with her and she's so clueless about anything in regards to men and dating. It moves along fairly quick, but it's not confusing or convoluted. Loved that they got their HEA. It's pretty good, arts not my fave though.
RikaT19 Rating
Lovely! Truelly spectacular, love the ending and the plot twist. It
Hallyu30 Rating
Loved it from beginning to the end. It
SomeoneLF85 Rating
I really really love this one. Office romances tend to be cliche, and this one started out that way, but I really love how it progressed!
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