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Weeb4Life Rating
A lot of angst, a lot of dialogue and not much else. This story really needs to learn to "show don't tell" because the leads exposit everything, including things they both already know. Ava is an alright lead, she raised her kid practically by herself in a foreign country and, despite her difficult childhood and lifetime of her loved ones shutting her out, she's remained surprisingly strong. Cesare's a garbage human being who does nothing but keep secrets from his wife, never listen to her, constantly hurt her and push her and their daughter away. And his reasons are stupid and petty! I don't sympathise with him in the slightest. He finally realises he loves his wife by random, it comes out of nowhere. Anabelle is a living doll, I can't believe the artist has a child of her own! The only good ending would be for Ava to leave Cesare, she'd be better off without him. As it is, the story just ends abruptly, as if it gave up and died. Miserable from start to what passes as a finish.
hope2009 Rating
A drama without any reason