User Reviews For: I Want To Do What Lovers Do. [VertiComix]


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CRUSH Rating
I wanted to rate this much higher because the artwork is so lovely and the way their relationship is presented is sweet and sincere. However normal misunderstandings and societal concerns aside, I have a problem with the way the issue of consent is handled (or not handled) even among two characters who so clearly want and need each other. Also on a positive note, I couldn't help but sing the Eurythmics song to myself when reading this! ;)
Redsharingan05 Rating
I loved it! The first story that focuses on a plot rather than the smut. Cute drawings and I love the coloring. Thank you so much for this
alchemistress Rating
Loved the original, looks even more gorgeous in color. For those curious why there are more volumes here, each chapter of the original is split into two volumes here.
Freckles4548 Rating
The couple is incredibly sweet and your heart will ache with their misunderstandings. I wish it would have been a little sex focused in the beginning, but still worth a read.
Xlucybx Rating
I read the traditional style first of this manga. So I already knew I loved the story. It's so sweet and a fantastic use of character perspectives. The colorization of this version though is fantastic. If you like the preview you will definitely like it all the way through.
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