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teateateatea Rating
The heroine is cool and pretty, the side male love interest is cute, and the main male love interest is cool mysterious. The art is beautiful, but the plot is lacking; there are major points that go untouched and would've made interesting subplots. I feel because of the lack of writing it is rushed and ends too abruptly to the point that it isn't an ending, it just Full Stop. It's ended but there are so many questions, like what of her parents, why'd he leave in the first place, what happened to Yoh? Would have been a better choice as a longer manga, but it's semi-sweet and cute for what it does show, and the art is too beautiful.
DarthKristinous Rating
WTH? It just ends. So lame. So many good plot points that never get developed.
ILoveEvery1 Rating
It felt rushed and the chapters are pretty short considering the price. On top of that, you can only buy permanent :/Tldr: the story isnt worth the price
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