User Reviews For: The Duchess Of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-


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Diexne Rating
This is so good! Sucks I have to wait for Vol. 7.
senzion Rating
Very likeable protagonist with a balanced approach in handling her situation. Romance is slow and takes a backseat to character growth. The result is an amusing hypothesis on the insertion of a less romance-attuned and opinionated female lead in a conventional historical romance plotline.
Pandabear1 Rating
Very cute and fun! I can not wait for more! I am hooked, every time a new chapter comes out I get so excited!
Opop1059 Rating
I love this story, i just love the female lead so much. She's so down to earth, smart, and funny. She's not your regular female lead. I would 100% recommend this story.
animeangel Rating
I just love this story I've read all the chapters and I love the characters and the detail in the drawings are amazing. I always look forward to reading it. Its funny and a light hearted romance. Keep up the good work!
hanaruen Rating
It's a really cute story! I have read until vol. 10 and I really love heroines that gets along with the maids plus I love how the author created a heroine that is thoughtful about wastage.The story is really refreshing! 10/10 would recommend!
sisyphusa Rating
This is the first review I've ever written but I had just had to say how amazing this story is! I wasn't sure that I would enjoy it based on the description (a lot of stories with fake marriages end up on the dub con side) but this story is so delightful! Avoiding any spoilers, the MC is super capable and quite happy with their arrangement and it's so sweet to see ML slowly fall for her! It focuses a lot on him becoming someone she can trust and rely on, which is just so adorable. Also, the MC is super relatable and has normal reactions to her situation (one of my fave parts lol)! Overall, it is so worth the buy; I know that I'll be rereading it over and over for the cuteness!
In0suke Rating
The mc is cute and likeable.
miyabih Rating
I love how she treats him like a nuisance and am innocent and dense all at once. I also like that he isn't too cynical or a bad boy or anything like that as well. I just wish there were more pages per volume, it feels short for $2.
Kidgirlf Rating
I really love this manga! The mc is so fresh, because she loveable and so cute, i really like her. I'm glad i find this manga