User Reviews For: The Duchess Of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-


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Opop1059 Rating
I love this story, i just love the female lead so much. She's so down to earth, smart, and funny. She's not your regular female lead. I would 100% recommend this story.
animeangel Rating
I just love this story I've read all the chapters and I love the characters and the detail in the drawings are amazing. I always look forward to reading it. Its funny and a light hearted romance. Keep up the good work!
Nana Rating
It's very cute and i love it..totally recommend it..
hanaruen Rating
It's a really cute story! I have read until vol. 10 and I really love heroines that gets along with the maids plus I love how the author created a heroine that is thoughtful about wastage.The story is really refreshing! 10/10 would recommend!
waiwa Rating
This manga is very good!!Heroine is so lively and make me feel fresh.Can't wait vol'7!!!
nyannnnncat Rating
Wholesome and refreshing MC. Always an enjoyable read to come back to.
Chainweaver Rating
After reading the 1st chapter I was hooked. I originally wanted to wait to read this manga once it was finished but after receiving updates from the site in my email I couldn't wait any longer and I'm glad I did, it's a very good read. This is well written and the illustrations are too. Like me, there are many other reviews that can back this up. The female lead is cheerful, optimistic and bright. I definitely recommend to anyone who is uncertain, this manga will have you rushing to read the next chapter. Enjoy!
ebookrenta0wa042n88 Rating
This is great!!!
AnjieC Rating
This book is promising. I really like it so far. Especially when the Duke told Viola he was going to be with his mistress and got shocked when she fine i'll leave you too alone and not disturb you. I don't really know what he expected from her thought.. I will definitely keep on reading to find out more.???
cheesyB Rating
*may contain spoiler* This manga is so funny I just love how she completely remains oblivious to his approaches. I am kind of hoping that she does remain oblivious. I love the female character she's so cute and hard-working. The male MC pissed me off in the beginning especially when he had that mistress staying in his home despite being married. Normally I would feel bad for female MC but she was so cool and even supported them that it just became funny.
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