User Reviews For: Second Chances: The Kitten Bride


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Awww, this was a bit sad. She had a rough first marriage that did not go well, he was a useless jerk (putting it very mildly) and now she lives her life by herself, denying herself of love all b/c she's afraid that she isn't going to be enough in the long run. When she meets the veterinarian she feels a fondness for him and he for her. He wants more. I thought it was cute how he already thought that they were going out before ever asking properly. They take things slow and in the heat of the moment we see that he is actually a jealous lover and this leads to a huge misunderstanding. But he owns up to his mistake and all is forgiven. He is so in love with her and she with him and I'm glad they both get their HEA.
TaraddictsFrenchy Rating
A heartful story.... The protagonist had to go through a lot and the scars still aren't closed. However thanks to a fateful meeting between 3 beings, she will be able to bounce back on her feet. That's really a nice story to read
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