User Reviews For: How to Make Your Cross-Dressing Boss Cry Out [VertiComix]


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SakuraYukishiro Rating
this manga is awesome! we don't see very often BL about dragqueens, recommended
CaptainYesterday Rating
Good story, cute characters, but all the peen is whited out. Not worth the purchase
Jade2487 Rating
Such a cute book and love the plot can't wait for more
Holysmeg Rating
Super cute and delightful!
GregorIAN Rating
I came over from the other translation. If you read my review there, my big issue was the sheer volume of mistakes (ankle for angle, pronoun dropping, etc.). There are commas missing, but nobody's perfect. If you can overlook comma wandering around - missing from places where they ought not be and present where a semi-colon should be, this should work fine.Otherwise, coloring resulted in the line art going a bit wonky. Overall, this is an interesting story (though I'm a fan of the cross-dresser being the seme for reasons or reversible pairs for different reasons), but not one I'd generally go out of my way to buy in this format or at this price per page count.