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Cheating, manipulation, and nothing actually solved at the end. The reasons why they broke apart remain the same, and all the weight in maintaining their relationship seems dropped on one person if future circumstances change. The whole 'it's got to be so-in-so' really doesn't mean much if timing and circumstances both need to be perfect to make that work.
Adorable but if this is truly a One-shot it is a shonen ai (no smut). Like none.
I avoided this because the others with this concept have been really dark lately (and they pretend like they aren't) but this one is so much better!!! That being said Yoh is a freaking brat. Itsuki is adorable, and Shuji is very sweet, so it makes anyone who purposefully gets in the way all the more frustrating. I'm betting we'll find out a "good" reason, and all stories need an antagonist, but Itsuki deserves the world, so I'm getting extra salty about it.
Finding out Mitsuru used to be a top was the icing on the cake for this hilarious couple. Sweet, simple, and funny - this is a great story and the second story/side story wasn't too bad either.
Beautiful art and could have been a beautiful story except the last chapter ruined it. We're left uncertain about the seme's motives, and considering everything that the uke is putting on the line for this relationship, it seems unnecessary to leave so much up in the air. First encounter was questionable. Everything else became questionable after the last chapter.
I tried to write a review before. Don't know why they kicked it. A huge chunk of the page count is just random full-page spreads, so you don't get that much story. What story you do get is vapid and boring and everything jadeblossom said. Not worth it.
Pair is inverted to what the cover suggests. Why can't two tops ever become reversible? Why is it that the one pushed/blackmailed/bribed or worse into being bottom first becomes one permanently? This is all made worse my limpid affection. The art is decent, story is very one-dimensional. Extremely low bar for romantic gestures.
I liked the story until they decided sexual assault was the fault of the person being assaulted. Frankly, stop before the rival gets introduced. Nobody deserves Mimori after that.
Blurb makes the tropes very obvious; however, it turns them on their heads and is self-aware. There are some times where it follows, and half-way through I railed against it being so stereotypical, but that's where it changed. Arisu can be surprisingly sincere. There's also more background to the characters than most of this trope provide.I also appreciate that both characters call out the worst parts of the trope and pointed address them, analyzing why they go the ways they do before proceeding. Sometimes communication makes all the difference. Could've done with a few more pages at the end to continue that scene, but I get why they cut it short.
First story was good, but it felt too short. The rest of them all felt too fast and very one-dimensional. The drawing style was a bit too cutesy for my liking (more cutesy than the cover suggests), and some of the formatting (especially in Slugger) came across as awkward due to the similarities in the character designs. Crossposting this review to Baka Updates as Renta! seems to take down negative reviews.