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Ahmmit Rating
Very charming. Unlike many harlequin, the characters in this Manga really stand out. Each has their own personality, and the artist has a charming way of expressing their thoughts. Definitely recommend!
Weeb4Life Rating
So much better and more exciting than I'd hoped! After Neil kidnaps Bettsy in the preview we learn that poor Terry has been murdered! The story is actually a really interesting murder mystery and I was gripped the entire time as the two leads and the detective investigate the case, with several believable suspects, some great twists and turns and actual clues to keep you guessing. As it's confined to one story, the mystery isn't the most complex and intriguing in the world but the author and artist do the absolute best with the limited space they're given, all while having to include a romance subplot. As such, the romance is very clumsy, rushed and not very realistic, but it's cute enough and the wonderful leads, the brave and courageous Bettsy and the incredibly na誰ve but earnest Neil, are so endearing I can't help but root for their HEA. Really different from most Hq mangas but definitely one of their best!
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