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Weeb4Life Rating
This rom-com is a lot of fun, though not very spicy so if you're looking for that you'll be disappointed. Daiki is an average teenage boy who's a huge fan of Momo's and is truly dedicated to helping Momono achieve her dream of being a voice actress. He comes to genuinely fall for her, quirks and all, and always puts her needs and comfort above his own, despite his teenage boy horniness. Momono's shy and socially awkward, but gets too into her roles when she acts, which often leads to naughty hijinks (she's also very clumsy and keeps tripping, which makes up the other portion of sexy hijinks). The rest of the cast, including the tsundere club leader and Daiki's super pervy big sister (much to his exasperated annoyance, lol), are also lots of fun. This is above all a rom-com, with some naughty bits to add to the comedy, so if that's what you want I think you'll like this. It's also cheap so definitely check this out.
ebookrenta0q84qgqxd Rating
Its very erotic to watch this comic , i think people should sediakan this and it cost not to much to i reccomended this!
PossumN Rating
purchased my first chapter, and I found the storyline interesting.
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