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Simsimkiki Rating
The story was alright but the ending left a bit to be desired, typical "romance" ends with a nice bow on it
Mrsmangame123 Rating
What do you get when you pair a socially awkward, yet beautiful older woman with a young handsome playboy? Crazy, intense and fast chemistry that's what! Spoilers!!!The h, Ayako is a virgin, surprise surprise! And that just makes Yuki more into her and while he usually only gets with girls that throw themselves at him, her pureness and naivety is driving him crazy, causing him to pursue her. In the staff locker room of all places. The art is cute and the artist does a really good job at portraying Yuki as this cute younger guy with his big hopeful eyes. Easy to understand why all the ladies want him. He doesn't seem like a jerk (so far), just young, dumb and full of...ya know that old saying
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