User Reviews For: The Stray Cat's Rhapsody


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Nyanko Rating
Meh. It's a poor take on Pygmalion (My Fair Lady, etc). Older, cultured man reshapes an ignorant, uncultured young woman into a sophisticated and skilled young woman. In this case, he also strips her of her confidence and personality, until she's a doormat riddled with insecurities. The art is kind of average, but it is better than how it looks in the sample. She's just uglied up to show how she's uncultured and can't do makeup, though it does beg questions about why a homeless girl has/bothers with makeup. It's not the worst, but the personality turn for the main character is disheartening, and I'd in no way describe the story as rhapsodic. Honestly, I'd've preferred a story about the cat.
blowkia Rating
Cute, didn't flow with the age gap in the first story or the way he treated her but the other story is adorable.
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