User Reviews For: Hey, Murase, I'm Gonna Get You Off... Live on School Radio!


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3Roses Rating
I love the story but I don't like the way it end need some more.
Kyattchan Rating
The art is so so pretty.. it's kind of too bad that the story isn't all that special.. and the end made me feel sad too - I felt like there was a bit more to be said between them
Chiara692005 Rating
Actually I loved this manga. Art is very good, the two MC are sexy, sex scenes are super HOT. 4 stars & not 5 'cause I hate censorship :-(.The relationship between them, despite being forced, leads to the uke getting deeply involved (and in my opinion in love) with the seme . The happy end is clearly shown in the very last thoughts and deed by the uke, meaning that their REAL love story is starting from that moment.
Barbiepuppe Rating
Sweet but the End ist to short
Guest Rating that seriously it? I'm actually asking. I'd love to give it more stars but it didn't feel completed? Is there another volume or chapter somewhere we're missing?
OzawaShuri Rating
So I read the three volumes and honestly it's the same cycle, the seme harass the uke, the seme's friends bully the uke, the seme saves him then the seme harrass the uke again, over and over, but I gotta admit the art is very beautiful!
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