OzawaShuri's Reviews & Ratings

Oh! Oh! Oh! Looks interesting! I can't wait for more
Oh my god I feel so sorry for the demon
The stories are not bad, bit disappointed with the brothers story and the old man story, they ended so fast I wanted to see more of them
Gyaaah! The chapter was so heartwarming and beautiful, I'm going crazy wanting more!!
Oh gosh, this is amazing, I'm expecting more
I loved this more than the first one, like FINALLY an uke who actually listens to their seme when he tells them to not get alone with a guy if I'm not around and the confession was the cutest
So I read the three volumes and honestly it's the same cycle, the seme harass the uke, the seme's friends bully the uke, the seme saves him then the seme harrass the uke again, over and over, but I gotta admit the art is very beautiful!
If you're looking for a fluffy romance Alpha X Omega then this is your book. Gosh it's cute and the interaction seems natural and not forced, love it very much
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