User Reviews For: The Beauty is a Beast!? -An Uptown Guy and a Downtroden Girl-


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Minseohye Rating
Great story and beautiful art!
talkingmushroom Rating
Really good! Love the twist
Pcloveh96 Rating
Great story! One of the better ones I've read.
Dawnius Rating
This is a really well written series. It's very well paced and the character's interactions are very natural. The heroine is very honest and hard working, and deals with the trouble of working too much because she's very dedicated. Both the heroine and the hero grow by being with each other and it's fun to watch. This series has me really hooked, and I can't wait for more!
Yahiko03 Rating
This is one of my favorite mangas. The male MC is so gorgeous and I love his attitude. The female MC is a bit naive towards her boss (Yamada) advances towards her and she has a lot to learn about trying to keep a steady relationship and work at the same time. I do love her though. She's Avery sweet. I really don't like characters like Yamada. He seems sneaky and think it's ok to try and get in between a couple. There's so many fish in the sea to catch but he's stuck on someone that's taken. Get over it and move on. I really don't want to see a whole new chapter of this fool trying to steal the girl even though we all know it's impossible. This manga is the best because of the relationship between the MC's. It's too cute!!!
Rbond Rating
Really cute storyline with relatable characters and plenty of fun.
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