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Weeb clearly doesn't understand that most HQ stories are like this. Anyways, I love this artist and the story may be cliche, but it's cute. I think it shows how some couples are. One partner is more domineering and making all the decisions and the other is passive because they love their partner and tried their best not to overthink situations.
Weeb4Life Rating
Clich辿 and stupid plot, insufferable and insipid characters, the pacing was rushed even by Hq standards. We jump from one scene to the next at breakneck speed, allowing no room for development of any kind, it's a barrage of things happening without exploring any of them. The guy is unbearable, he lost his wife so rejects love (yes that tired old excuse), he never listens to the woman, doesn't discuss ANYTHING with her even when making decisions concerning her (for entirely selfish reasons), dismisses her concerns about the rival woman (who exists to be evil incarnate and ruin everything for everyone), spends an ungodly amount of time alone with said rival, whom he used to date btw, and allows her meddling, and is just in general an utter tool and a horrible piece of human garbage with no redeeming qualities. The woman is... just...there. She has no real agency of her own and her every decision is made by other people. Skip this. Your money and points are far better spent anywhere else.
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