User Reviews For: My Standards Are Too High for the Perfect Guy


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Hotaru2018 Rating
Currently have read 5 installments. Love the art! The first chapter is a bit slow and I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy this, but it really builds. Really like these two guys together, I think they're well suited and their relationship grows as the story goes along. Can't wait to read more. I'd rate this 4.5 if that were possible, but since it isn't I feel it merits more than 4 stars.
OldtakuNoshoujou Rating
beautiful art work but it's more like one-sided love until the end
EmmaLeaRose Rating
Read first episode. Art work is lovely. Not sure about chemistry between MC and actor yet since they didn't spend a lot of time together this episode. I am intrigued enough to want to keep reading.
tep1one Rating
The story is good. I like the art.
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